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Finally Progress. 7pounds/2week


After 2 weeks of Stronglifts 5x5 I have gained 7 pounds! Started at 136 and today weighed in at 143. I gained a little more chub on my stomach, but I am happy that I am gaining weight, which hopefully means some muscle and strength.

Simply reading forums and articles here everyday I have tweaked my diet, and overall training methods. At first it was soo hard to eat all this food, now I feel that if I don't eat it, I will fall asleep

SImply THANKS! I know it is small progress, but 7 pounds is a lot for me, since my weight hasn't changed for the last 4 years.

[Water Throughout Day]

5 Egg whites plus 3 regular eggs
1/2 cup of oatmeal

10AM-Snack 1
1 cup of fat free cottage cheese
1 Whole wheat english muffin with 1Tb spoon of natural peanut butter
1 Protein Scoop + 1% Milk 10oz

7 oz of chicken/turkey
1 serving of veggies/Broccli/Spinach

1/2 Oatmeal + 1 Protein Scoop

Jack3d Before + BCAA during

4PM-After workout
1 Banana
1 Protein Scoop + 1% Milk 10oz + Creatine + Fishoil + MultiVitamin

7 oz of chicken/turkey
1 serving of veggies/Broccli/Spinach

10PM-Before Bed
1 Casein Scoop + 1% Milk 12oz



Now be consistent about it. You've come this far, now keep truckin along. Nice work!


Great work bro. I have put on 26 pounds this year so far, so I know just how you feel. Keep at it!


Thanks to both of your guys. That is an impressive number also.

Do you think majority of it is muscle or mainly fat? Just wondering what this 7 pounds is actually made of


Well obviously it varies from person to person. With 3.5lbs per week, I bet there is a bit of fat, some water weight, and some lean mass.

My pants still seem to fit the same, except when I am drinking milk. Milk bloats me out, so when I cut it from my diet my pants fit better. Overall, I am very excited, and you should be too. You started a bit lower than me, too. I was 144, now 170. How tall are you?


I try to drink a lot of water, pissing every 30min-1hr is a bitch. Especially waking up after chugging a casein shake before going to sleep ha.
I am 5'10. I plan to do the stronglifts+diet for 12 weeks, right before my MCAT. Then from there I will see.....hoping to shred the fat though, but matters on results.