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Finally Over 1000 (Kinda)


Today I just got a total PR! I dont have a spotter so i use the Atlantis vert bench. I am not sure exactly how that correlates to the bench but from when I did the switch it seemed the closest of the machines at my gym.

Atlatnis Bench: 270lbs
Squat (parrallel): 355lbs
Sumo Deadlift: 415lbs
total = 1040lbs

I know its not that great and i had to use machines but I feel i have improved a lot from last years

bench: 205
squat: 225

I owe it all to T-Nation and following periodaztion before i did 3 sets each to failure of various rep amounts.


You improved a whole bunch man!

I would call you a very big success in many ways.

Now get busy and add even more to those numbers you are set up for success with T-Nation..you can't lose!


well thats pretty good but how old are you, I broke 1200 last year now Im 14 bout to turn 15 and I just got over 1510 so I mean its just how your body develops muscle. I lift for my high school and I have to lift with 12 graders because the clases are separated by weight so I had to up my game ALOT to even consider doing a weight meet but now im fine. But here are my 4 max's

Squat. 455
Bench. 285
Deadlift 545
Clean. 225


wow tiger33, your squat went from 405 to 455 in a month? hard to believe


wow, I see you also went from


. that's over a 25% gain on deadlift in a month. congratulations, you are the strongest 14 year old alive.


Grats Bwells, that's an awesome achievement. Job well done! Nevermind the idiocy in the middle of this thread.

You deserve appropriate congratulations.


Nice job bwells, keep on truckin'...


I remember when I was 14... I didn't bench the weight up, I moved the earth away from it.

actually, I didn't start lifting till much later in life... so techinically, I was out playing baseball and golfing. close enough.


Nice job Bwells, keep up the good work.

I expect 1200 by next year!


You're 14 and you have those stats...that's a joke right?


Those are his "Internet numbers."




Good distinction.


I wish I didn't live in such a cynical world that I could beleive this.

To the 14 yr olds reading this post:

cynical -- Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others

Was your father from the planet Krypton?


Thanks for the support. For those wondering I'm 23, 5'10" and 168 lbs.



a couple dead give-aways are his dead, bench, and squat ratios and the fact he thinks he had to up his game to compete in a meet with those numbers.


you're joking right...a 1200 total to just compete? no offense but 99% of highschool kids cannot do that (I think...)


I can believe those numbers, but you've got to be at least 120kg BW.
The best lifter at my HS is pushing a 1475 3-lift total lifting in 125kg class. The best 125 kg HS lifter in the state is @ 1800 with a handful of lifters around 1600 totals.
The THSPA has some really strong lifters.


Tiger33 lifts in the TSB-PA.