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Finally on TRT, 9 Weeks In, Only Getting .5 ML Per Week

I’m 33, and just got on TRT 9 weeks ago. The doctor I see put me on .5ML per week plus Arimidex, and HCG. Seems like a good protocol for what I’ve read on here except for I think my dose is too low.

The doc said at 12 weeks I can do my blood work again and then he’ll consider upping it. Honestly I felt like my 3rd and 4th week I felt something but now that’s gone away. Sometimes I feel like two days after I inject I’m good then its back to before.

Is it too much to ask for something closer to 1.5 ML a week? What is the most people get prescribed?

1.5 ML would equate to 300mg a week which is not TRT. Sometimes response takes longer. What were your starting labs ? Dose adjustments should only be made on lab work.

You won’t get the full effects until week six and ideally, your doctor would run your labs then and adjust your dose accordingly. But, twelve weeks isn’t unreasonable.

After six weeks at 100mg, my doc ran blood tests and bumped me to 130mg, and after another twelve, bumped me to 140mg, which is where I am almost two years later. I began to feel the effects at about six weeks and they just kept getting better for the first six months or so. It takes a while to get fully up to speed, so be patient.

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Are you injecting T twice weekly? How much Adex and hcg?

If you are asking me, no to all three. E2 is very low, done having kids, not worried/don’t care about testicular atrophy, tried HCG and got bloated. I have no crash issues, so I just roll with 140mg once a week.

Ok. I’m new to this and don’t know anybody else who’s personally on TRT.

I just double checked and my T injection needle is 3mL needle that I fill to 1/2mL.

So maybe 1mL is more appropriate to request?

I inject 1/2mL once a week. The day following my injection I take one Arimidex pill which is .5mg. Then on days 6 and 7 I inject 1/2mL HCG.

Or at least the HCG needle says 1/2mL on it and I use all 50 units in the needle.

Referring to your ml is not a way to discuss dosage. Most are 1ml/200mg. A normal dose is 100mg a week or .5ml. If you have high SHBG or are a poor responder they will up your dose. You need labs before and after to tell.

Thanks blshaw, I’ll refer to dose in mg as opposed to mL. Next week I can get blood work done again and then ask to up my dose from 100mg to 200mg. Hopefully my doc is ok with that. I may also try some Sermorelin.

You need labs first. If 100mg/week gets you to the upper range you do not need 200mg. You may be somewhere in between. Shoot for top free T range.

Please report doses in mg’s or iu’s as appropriate. Volumes are meaningless, you measure volumes, but need to report otherwise. We can’t read your label to see mg/ml or iu/ml.

You did not reply to this: 32 Y/O M, First Blood Work Received

Now this post is separated from details in other posts. Best to keep you case in one place.

You should get all of your protocol in place and get E2 near 22pg/ml before you write off your current dose as not adequate for you. You may appear to your doc to be drug/steroid seeking.