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FINALLY on a Proper TRT Protocol


It's been four (4!) years of playing doctor roulette and trying gels, creams, nolva, clomid, with middling results at best... and at worst, feeling even worse than when I started this whole thing...

Last week, I finally found a knowledgeable TRT doctor and I have been on the following protocol for one week now:

Test cyp: 100 mg/week in divided doses (50 mg IM E3.5D)
HCG: 1000 IU/week in divided doses (500 IU E3.5D)
Anastrozole: Will be prescribed if my E2 rises above 30 pg/ml

Doctor specified target range of 20-30 for Estradiol, about 800-1200 for TT with high FT, and will dial in based on my symptoms.

I also am getting a list of thyroid doctors from Broda Barnes, if I need to go down that road - and I might need to since my TSH has been at least 3.0 for the past 2 years.

Time to start feeling better with stronger libido and better erections!


How is this protocol working for you? I'm 3 years in and can't find a knowledgeable doc. I live in TN but am considering going out of state if I have to. What is your docs name and approximate location? My test is 400 with e2 at 37 and feeling pretty rough.


Still too early to tell. I do notice improvements in mood and libido, but this is just the beginning. I also notice that a proper TRT protocol has anti-depressive effects even this early. Maximum benefits come in 3-6 months assuming I am dialed in correctly. I've been on only two weeks.

I'm in Houston but you should be able to find someone closer to you. Google "lowtestosterone $199 therapy" (no spaces between 'low' and 'testosterone'), and go to the links that specifically mention $199 treatments. As you can see it is not cheap, but it is the only option I've found that is the closest to the TRT protocol sticky on this forum.