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Finally! Lab Results, and Uh Oh


I'm 42, 6'1" and 200 lbs. Was a great athlete in my time (sprinter, champion pole vaulter). I eat well, no smoke, no drink (well, not heavy). Just got hard copy of blood work back. (note: I feel like total crap. Crazy mood swings (from neutral to angry, not much happy in there), muscle/mass loss, lethargic/"don't care", gut/mid-section growing into 10 extra lbs of pear shaped idiot mass (in spite of active lifestyle), sore and tired, tired, tired.

Anyway, my Doc has forwarded me to an Endo...appointment scheduled 1 month from today. In the mean time, I would GREATLY appreciate help with analysis of these results as well as what natural remedies I can persue ahead of my pending Endo visit.


TSH 3rd generation - 0.927 range: 0.350 - 5.500 uIU/mL
T4, free - 1.5 range: 0.6 - 1.8 ng/dL
estradiol, serum - 59 range: <54 males pg/mL (HIGH ALERT)
testosterone, serum - 340.0 range: 241 - 827 ng/dL


white cell - 6.9 range: 4.0 - 11.0 K/CU/MM
red cell - 5.03 range: 4.3 - 5.9 million
hemoglobin 15.2 range: 13.9 - 16.3 gm/dl
hematocrit 44.4 range: 39 - 55 %
mcv - 88 range: 80 - 99 fL
mch - 30.3 range: 26 - 33 PG
mchc - 34.3 range: 32- 36 %
platelet count - 223 range: 150 - 400 K/CU MM
auto lymphocytes - 31 range: 16 - 43 %
auto monocytes - 11.8 range: 2 - 13 %
auto neutrophils - 55.7 range: 40 - 80 %
auto basophils - 0.4 range: 0 - 2 %
auto eosinophil - 1.1 range: 0 - 7 %
rdw - 13.0 range: 8- 18
absolute lymphocytes - 2.14 range: 0.64 - 4.73 K/CU MM
absolute monocytes - 0.81 range: 0.08 - 1.21 K/CU MM
absolute neutrophils - 3.84 range: 1.6 - 7.04 K/CU MM
absolute basophils - 0.03 range: 0.0 - 0.22 K/CU MM
absolute eosinophil - 0.08 range: 0.0 - 0.77 K/CU MM
sed rate, westergren - 5 range: 0 - 15 mm/hr


sodium, serum - 146 range: 134 - 149 mmol/L
potassium - 5.0 range: 3.6 - 5.4 mmol/L
chloride - 104 range: 98 - 112 mmol/L
Carbon Dioxide, serum - 33 range: 22 - 30 mmo/L (HIGH ALERT)
anion gap - 9 range: 3 - 18
glucose, random - 98 range: 70 - 100 mg/dL
bun - 20 range: 6 - 28 mg/dL
creatinine, serum - 1.09 range: 0.51 - 1.41 mg/dL
bun/creatinine ratio - 18.3 range: 5 - 37
protein, total serum - 8.1 range: 6.4 - 8.5 g/dL
albumin, serum - 5.1 range: 3.5 - 5.5 g/dL
globulin - 3 range: 2.0 - 3.6 g/dL
albumin/globulin ratio - 1.7 range: 1.2 - 2.3 g/dL
alkalin phosphatase - 59 range: 27 - 133 IU/L
ast - 20 range: 6 - 34 IU/L
alt - 18 range: 4 - 45 U/L
bilirubin - 0.7 range: 0.2 - 1.5 mg/dL
calcium, serum - 9.7 range: 8.5 - 10.5 mg/dL


Great news. Endo had a cancellation for tomorrow. Don't have to wait a month to get the ball rolling. Going to approach him on getting T to upper "normal" levels (600-800) and more importantly getting that 59 E2 level (no wonder I feel like crap and want to watch chick flicks) down in low 20's. I'll keep you all posted so that maybe I can help someone else in a similar situation, plus get good advice from you all along the way.



<54 is wrong test that for women not males...this tells me endo is clueless on HRT. Your thyroid does look good but never check your total t3 and ft3 levels, or TPO, TGAB,
adrenals never checked. adrenals and thyroid need to be ruled out first and then have proper e2 test for a male not a women. These are red flags to run other way ..

Hes only half ass doing his job like most endos do. If you levels are that low I be working on estrogen reduction therapy and not concerned about TRT. adex lower e2 and then see where Testosterone is at then go from there while potential addressing adrenals through saliva testing which most MD or endo think is bunk, but when our patients get a clinical response from address it accordingly then that proves other wise them WRONG !!



Those results were from the 1st Dr, not the Endo. My Endo visit today is my first time seeing him, so will address those issues. I have been reading the "Allthingsmale" data, http://www.allthingsmale.com/word_docs/TRT.doc and find Dr. Crisler's methods as a great template. Been doing lots of reading hear too (Happydog48, KSman, etc.)

Agree with you on E2 test. I need the "sensative" assay. Also, free T (bioavailable preferable) is very important as what's "getting out of the corral" compared to just the Total T.

Bottom line is, I'm VERY new to all this, and my chemistry background is limited to 15 years as a HAZMAT emergency responder, but have found (like anything in life) to check if there's water in the pool before snapping off the diving board. My research and asking, what at times may be basic questions, has helped tremendously. Thanks.



Just got back from 1st Endo visit and I officially found thw WORST one in America. Here's some snippets of the conversation:

"why did your Dr. do an E2 test?"
"E2 testing is useless in men because it's in such low quantities"
"AI's? your looking for future health issues, and I'm too old to go down that type of treatment road as a Dr."
"If, I treat you with TRT, then I have to do that for all my men that come in with the same symptoms"
" I can do an SHBG test if you want, but even if it comes back bad, your T is within normal, so I won't do anything"


I told him he should do some more research because he is doing his male clients a great injustice. I expressed my dissatisfation that he won't even consider me as an individual with multiple symptoms, but instead is lumping me in with "all his men". Very frustrated right now...


Any cholesterol data?

Hardasnails: We know that the basic serum E2 lab from Quest should not be used. But the issue needs to refer to the laboratory. The basic serum E2 [<54] from LabCorp does resolve lower levels of E2. What would your expectations be if two vials of blood were drawn and one was sent for Quest ultra high sensitivity and the other was sent to LabCorp? How would you expect the two to vary for higher levels of E2 and also for E2 levels near 20pg/ml?



No cholestelol, but historically I've been 130's.


i can't help you with this one but you are not alone in your flustratrations i to am jumping through hoops to get seen by a decent doc ...i shouldn't moan it's only been 9 months 3 visits and those visits had been moved 6 times, still they have referred me on to someone else....


Could be worse. Before I was finished describing my symptoms to my endo, he was vehemently insisting I have sleep apnea, and asserted, "Until proven otherwise, you have sleep apnea."

No bloodwork, nothing.




Wow...now that's a quack. I'm sure there's a ton of similar horror stories to mine and yours. Sure does strike a realistic fear of the treatments (or lack there of) that are being administered around this country.


I've already moved on from that Endo. After my comments to him, I doubt he'd take me back in anyway. I was pretty blunt about my feelings regarding his personal biases interferring with sound medical protocol/care. I reminded him that I was walking out his door, with a load of concerning negative symptoms and no attempt on his part to provide any potential solutions or guidance.


You have hypocholesterolemia. Is your diet extreme re fats and oils? Levels that low can be enough reason for hormone problems.

Edit: major spelling ;(


Posting a repeat to a lost post:
You have hypocholesteremia. That alone can create severe hormone problems. If using statin drugs, you need to reduce dose to get at least 180. Extreme diet?


No extreme diet nor drugs to control anything. The only drugs I ever take are Tylenol or Ibupr. I'll be sure and get a cholesterol screen with my next round of blood testing. Thanks KSman!



You could have Apnea. It's not uncommon and does cause low testosterone. Rule it out. I agree though. Endo's do suck for treatment on low T.


Anyone wanting HRT would be best served finding an Anti-aging Dr. not an Endocrinologist. Even finding an AA Dr. is no gurantee of good treatment but it's a start.


I'm no doc and I'm sure this is not your situation etc, but your symptoms sound exactly like the ones I had and test showed that I had a case of hypothyroid (low thyroid). Doc put me on Synthroid (75 micrograms daily) and this has apparently done the trick. I no longer get the afternoon "feels like I took an antihistimine" drowsyness and my mood and disposition has been generally brighter.


Well guys. Decided to stop messing around... Booked the flight, and next week I'm Dr. Crisler bound. Northern VA is NOT the place to be if you're a male with andropause symptoms. This is my health, my family's well being, and my sanity. No sense in chasing my tail playing "musical Dr's" here. I know one thing for certain with all I've read over and over...Dr. Crisler will treat the symptoms, will listen to me as an individual and will ensure we get to the bottom of what's going on. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.



Good luck you made a good choice, but I'd rather treat cause and not symptoms.


My bad, that's what I meant to say.