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Finally Knicked a Vein...


So im on my 4th cycle now, and i loaded up 2 ccs of test into my syringe, picked a spot on my quad where i normally inject, pinned, then aspirated. I saw no blood and continued on and put the whole 2 CCs in. Now from this UGL brand of Test i normally get bad PIP, but this time i didn't. Immediately after injecting the full 2 ccs i felt like my lungs were filling with a gallon of water, and i had a chest pain similar to a heart attack, also i was getting dizzy etc.

Its been 12 hours since the inject, still no soreness on the site of injection. All the symptoms went away besides when i take a really deep breath i have a slight pain and the urge to cough. Other than that im doing fine and just got back from the gym actually. Any idea why im having that problem when i take a deep breath? Im pretty sure i injected into a vein, i used a 25g 1 1/2in needle.


No, you did not injected into a vein, otherwise you’d be dead by now. I think this is nothing related to the injection you did. You may knicked a vein, and felt something strange right after the injection, this is pretty normal when a little bit of the drug goes into the vein… try some tren ace, then you’ll see what a drop of it can do, the first time it happens, you’ll be afraid, with time, you’ll learn to assimilate the bad feeling. Take care man, good luck!


Did you get a metallic taste in your mouth?


[quote]therajraj wrote:
Did you get a metallic taste in your mouth?[/quote]

No i dont remember tasting anything funny, but damn sure remember the chest pain and trouble breathing i had. I still get a funny feeling if i take a deep breath, it feels like as if i went running on a cold winter morning. Thats the closest example i can think of what im still feeling. Its gotten better over time though.