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Hey everybody. I started working out about a year ago in a fitness suite in college, it wasn't much but it was a start. finally joined a proper gym today.

I'm 6'1" and 19years old at 171pounds. I know this may sound stupid or bent but I want to look like I lift weights. I'm also a kickboxer but would stop fighting for bodybuilding as if I gain more weight I would be fighting people much bigger than me. I havnt went to the gym since the end of March but I want to get back into it properly. Feed back would be great


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Welcome to T-Nation! Now go gain 50 pounds of muscle!



Pretty much, yep. :wink: Though 30 or so would be a fine start towards the "looking like you lift"-look.

Guys over six feet tall aren't going to look "built" until they're well above 200 pounds. Over 220-ish would be even better. At least, that's if we're talking jacked like a bodybuilder. Someone like Vitor Belfort can weigh-in at 6'0" and 185 and look relatively-built.

In either case, though, there's an essential need for you to add muscular bodyweight.

This is where having two goals gets tricky. It'd be best if you made one goal (either performing well or adding muscle) your number one priority for a few months.

It doesn't mean you won't be able to make some progress at both, but it'll be slow going if you try dividing your attention between the two.

It looks like you're currently competing in kickboxing, based on your avatar. Is there an off-season, or a block of several months where you have no fights scheduled? That'd be an ideal time to attack a muscle-building plan.

And just as a side note, it's entirely possible to get much stronger without adding bodyweight. Just sayin', if weight classes are something you're concerned with.

No prob, man. But... feedback on what? you just joined a good gym, which is definitely a great start. Do you have a particular training program in mind? Is your nutrition lined up?

Take a look around the Combat forum (particularly the "'How To Train' Questions" thread at the top) and see what some of the guys are doing there:

Some nutrition advice to start off with can be found here:


wow I didn't expect this sort of a reply lol thanks man. The only off - season so to say would be if I was to decline being asked to fight, my coach asks me if I want to fight and then I can say yes or no. I have fight in July and that's about it again for another few months.

In regard to a training program I don't really have one, I kind of just browse around on here and try to put something together. In relation to nutrition it's pretty shit, I wouldn't constantly be eating the 3000calory mark. But I will take a look at them links you posted!


Whoops, wrong forum :slight_smile:


If your coach is cool with the idea of you gaining some size/strength (maybe don't tell him "I wanna look like a bodybuilder" though. Ha.), try taking from July to October or so, so you'll have a good 12 weeks or so to really focus on muscle building.

Once you have a big chunk of free time, consider one of these plans:

But from now until July, I'd say start with some lower volume workouts (2-4x4-8 per exercise, a few exercises per session) to get familiar with the new gym without cutting into your current training too much.

You might want to consider keeping a basic food log (just writing down what and when you eat), to get an idea of exactly how much or how little you're eating.

Probably the biggest problem that guys have when trying to gain muscle is underestimating what they're eating, or being inconsistent with it (eating plenty for two or three days in a row, then unconsciously tapering off and going back to not eating enough).


My advice is to listen to Chris. He knows what he is talking about.


Actually I picked up one of Chad Waterbury's books ages ago "Huge In A Hurry" (lol) have you heard anything from it if its good? I'll probably try a program out of that and see what its like.

yeah from tomorrow on I'm going to write down what I eat and the time, I had done it before and found that it was helpful. Do you think I should take any weight gainers aswell? or just concentrate on having proper food?


Ah a fellow irishman :slightly_smiling:

im no expert but based on those photos nutrition is the key to success. lift heavy and eat consistently and you'll have no trouble packing on some beef.

good luck mate


Waterbury is a smart motorscooter. His plans are solid, so you're good to go.
Here's an article he did talking a little more about that book and program, it might give you some more ideas:

I'd focus on tracking your food for a few days to get an idea of where you're at before we start tweaking things.

There's nothing at all wrong with higher-calorie weight gain shakes, but if, for example, it turns out you're eating salads for dinner or super-light breakfasts, that'd be a better place to start. Ya know?


I've spent the last few days tracking my food and it would go from seeming to be alot of food one day to not so much the next. Also after this month I'm going to change my routine to just doing Bench, Deadlift and Squat with a few other exercises at the end of the workout


[quote]MrDeanlol wrote:
I've spent the last few days tracking my food

Just doing Bench, Deadlift and Squat with a few other exercises at the end of the workout

Great! Dont be afraid of a hamburger now and then :wink:


Killer, man. Good work on tracking things. Like I said, that's exactly why you want to track for a while. Stick to it.

Solid enough plan. But if you're doing all three of those big lifts on the same day, make sure you're hitting them with different sets and reps throughout the week for better progress. But if you're hitting one big lift each workout, don't sweat it.