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Sustanon and D-Bol Cycle Layout with Nolva and T3. (10 Weeks)

Consuming 4-4500 Calories a day.

Sustanon (10ml) - Weeks 1-10 (250mg/ml) (Monday Morning, Thursday Evening)

D-Bol (10mg)- Weeks 1-4 (40mg) Daily

Nolva- Weeks 13-14 (40mg First 2 Weeks)(20mg Last Two Weeks)

Though he ordered me the T3 without me knowing what would this do to this cycle? If anything. Greatly appreciated.


If that avatar is accurate then T3 will be needed to utilise that many calories - although in a very specific dose, for a limited time and with a PCT all of its own.

I do not suggest you use it at all - not for a first cycle, not for recreational use and not if you don't know what it does or how to use it.

Sust is best injected daily and at least Mon, Wed and Fri.
More will increase gains with little increase in sides too.

The dbol should be dosed more than twice a day and less would be ample.

You will need something to control the estrogen too, not the tamox.


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Thanks guys..yeah the avatar is from about a month and half ago.


the twice a week is a typo. It'd be injected once a week.


Can you read?

Sust needs to be injected every other day.

One a week |= Every other day


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lol! I know - it does it to me too: In the sense that i post, and it doesn't show up until there are several more posts there (which are pushed down one!).