Finally, I Qualify for this Forum! (Intro)

Hi Guys,
I’ve been a lurker for the longest time (been following TC since MM2K [when i was about 16] & T-Nation since 1998) without contributing much. My main motivations to start posting now are, of course, to be able to participate in the future initial batches of new aupplements like I3G, & that i also have much more time at work to read/post. I never thought i would ever post in this Over 35 forum, but here i am…

But first, a little background:
Demographics: I’m located halfway across the world in Singapore, South East Asia, not sure whether any of you know of this place! I’d think the reason you’d have heard of Singapore would be because Las Vegas Sands set up a casino in our business district? It’s called the Marina Bay Sands. Main supplement stores are GNCs & Nature’s Farms, where they sell mainly Twinlab products.

Medical condition: Diagnosed with mild kidney failure in 1995, & underwent a successful transplant in May 2005 (from my Mum, lucky me!). Currently on medications like Prednisolone, Valsartan, Prazosin, Pravastatin, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Cotrimoxazole, Amlodipine & CiclosporinA (immune suppressants) for life.
Training: Been training since 1992, but falling off the wagon now & then… Had tried Chad Waterbury’s programs, as well as Charles Poliquin’s, Charles Staley’s EDT etc & got from an initial pre-transplant weight of 58kg to a high of 82kg (previous high was 72kg). Currently hovering at 78kg.

Velocity Diet: Tried it out in March 2009, in a bid to slim myself down in order to climb the highest mountain in the region (Mt Kinabalu in Sabah). Only supplement missing was HRX (replaced it with AlphaMale + Se7en), as it interferes with my meds (tried it out previously). This got me from 80kg to 70kg in 4 weeks (20lbs). I thought it was impressive, though i seemed to have lost more muscle mass than i preferred. I put it down to not taking HRX as prescribed.

Lifestyle diet: Have been following the Low Carb/Carb Cycling diet for the past 5 years, with a focus on whole foods such as eggs, stir-fried veges, steamed fish etc.

Supplements: My staples include Flameout, Superfood (both of which i’m IV-dripping my Wife/parents as well), MD Low Carb, Grow! Whey, but if I can afford, I’ll also take Alpha Male, Power Drive, Spike, & had just ordered Receptormax.

I hope to contribute more after this post, & hey, if you guys happen to drop by this tiny red dot, maybe i can show you around!

Since this is under the training forum, I thought I’d include a little of my training info(just had a minor surgery done on 7 March 11, & started getting back in the gym on 27 April):
Full body on weekdays including: Front Squats, Leg Curls, DB Bench, Assisted Chins, DB Rows, Incline Bench, Military Press, Leg Raises, short sets for arms if time permits (during lunch time or before work) - 1 exercise per body part
Upper/Lower body split on weekends including the above exercises, but with more exercise per body part.
Basically, will be following Chad Waterbury’s guidelines of 25 reps for each body part, usually split between 4 - 6 sets. No specific program at this point, just tring to ease myself back in.
As i get myself back into shape (out for nearly 2 months), I will try to follow a more specific program (EDT maybe) while incorporating Receptormax and perhaps, Surge Workout Fuel.

Sounds like a good plan- welcome…

Singapore isnt that tiny- Huge Seiko factory there.
I have a friend from singapore who does strong man there.

now would you mind leaving a little space in your sentences,

hit the return button a couple of times

Just kidding. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks!

Is there a Seiko factory here? I had no idea…

Would your friend be on Biotest products? I think not, right? They’re probably sponsored by another company.

My events for this year (general; just to keep my cardiovascular system functioning properly):

New Balance Sundown 10k run 28 May 2011

National Vertical Marathon 12 June 2011

Singapore Bay Run (10k) 4 September 2011

New Balance Real Run 10k 16 October 2011

I restrict myself to 10k runs to minimize losses of miniscule muscle on my skeletal body.

This culminates in a climb up the 3,904m high Jade Mountain scheduled for 3 December 2011.

Meanwhile. goal is to add more MUSCLE, MUSCLE, MUSCLE!

Welcome, Xieliheng! Wow, you have one loving mother.

You’ve certainly had your share of difficulties, I can sympathize.

Do you train with the Singapore Behemoths? There was an article in Powerlifting USA couple of years ago.


Level 5!!!?, Wow you sure do like your supplements. Is there anything you have to do differently training wise having had a kidney transplant? and diet wise?. Do you have to keep your protein fairly low etc?

My neighbour visited Singapore. I asked her what it was like and she said “VERY clean!”

Can you write your username ‘phonetically’ for me? so I can attempt to pronounce it.

I’ll be following along.

Those look like some good runs.

It’s actually a Seiko Service center I collect Seiko’s
Yes its geeky.

His name is Badrun he collects seikos too-

this is a strongman competition in maylasia
he is kind of a big Guy :slight_smile:

Cavalier: Thanks! Yep, i read about the Behemoths a while ago, but their Sat training schedule clashes with my other activities (trekking, cycling, sometimes just lazing etc. Heh heh…), else would surely love to try out these Strongman training.

FBrett: Oh yeah, i certainly love my supplements, especially those that you can feel an effect from! I even have my Wife on Surge Recovery after her Body Pump classes, else she’ll be too sore to go work the next day! Next up, getting her to try Se7en, so that i’ll get my svelte dream wife. Heh heh… (she’s got hyper-thyroidism so HOT-ROX seems to be out of the question).

Having had the transplant, i must say its a life-changer as i can go back to doing virtually ANYTHING a normal person can do. Training-wise, i don’t have any problems following those programs provided here at T-Nation. However, the doctors do advise not to be involved in contact sports lest the kidney gets accidentally dislodged.

Diet-wise, I’ve only been advised to keep salt intake (& maybe potassium) low. Other than that, I’ve been experimenting with higher protein levels to no side effects. I know this because i have a quarterly check up to test my CiclosporinA levels, protein, creatinine, potassium and several others. What i do is to take a new supplement for about a month before i’m due for blood/urine tests, and if it turns out bad, i’ll immediately stop (only happened for HOT-ROX so far, from Biotest. My other problematic supplement was Udo’s Choice of oils). Otherwise, i’m good to go.

One thing i would like to point out is this: I do take Biotest’s Creatine as it is an effective yet cheap supplement, but it will lead to a higher creatinine reading, indicating deteriorating kidney function. Hence, i’ll take it for 2 months and stop it a month before i’m due for the tests. This way, my creatinine reading stays within the acceptable range for the doctors’ comfort! My reading ranged from 147 (it was 154 when i was discharged after the transplant) to about 211 (mild kidney rejection), which was when they had to do a nasty biopsy, but that’s another story!

Appetite was voracious right after the transplant, and still is. I love fruits, particularly bananas for their convenience, & durians for the taste & texture (you guys should try it sometime)! Main drawback would be their potassium content.

Yes, Singapore is quite clean & is known generally as a Garden City, cos the govt tries to plant trees along the main roads. It’s also trying to attract more tourists by holding significant events such as the F1 race, Great Singapore Sale (starting this weekend!), Standard Chartered Marathon & some art/music festivals to attract tourists of every inclination to visit.

My name’s pronounced See-yeh (Xie) Lee (Li) H-erng (Heng). It’s actually a translated Chinese name, as about 70% of Singaporeans are Chinese. Thanks for asking! These characters actually mean ‘Thanks’, ‘Courteous’, and ‘Determination’, which my parents wish for me to have (last 2 characters, ‘Thanks’ is actually my family name).

kmcnyc: I happen to be wearing a Seiko as well, a Kinectic (lazy me), so i don’t have to change batteries. But i’m no collector, unfortunately! It’s failing me recently, seemingly stopping every night such that i have to wind it every morning. Do you have any suggections (except visit the Service Centre)!

“Thanks”, “Courteous”, and “Determination” - you’ll fit right in here!

If you ever visit the Behemoths, be sure to tell us all about it, they sound like fun people.