Finally Hope! Over 2 Months & Some Good News

I Really Need your advice and experience. Please read my long post i would really appreciate your time and effort.

Happily completed 9 weeks into TRT.
Dosage 60 mg Test Enanthate every 3.5 days. (120 mg/ week ).
Arimidex 0.25 mg twice a week( with shots).

Heres the lab results after 9 weeks.
T= 700 ng/dl
Estradiol= 22 ( non sensitive) regular method.

SHBG in check. 30 nmol/l

Significant improvements in the following areas ( Thanks to Almighty and after that KS MAN and this forum for guidance ).

Sleep has been improved.
Mood is way better than before.
Fatigue has gone out of the window.
I feel more energetic.
I have more confidence.
I have started to loose fat.
Appetite is decent.
I dont feel suicidal anymore.

Now i need your help in regards to libido, morning wood and errections.

Before TRT i had zero libido but now i can say i have somewhat decent libido but if i have to quantify i will give it a 30% improvement.

Secondly before TRT i had no morning wood, zero to none but now the tool is trying to raise head but still a long way to go as far as robust wood is concerned.

I really need your experience here to adjust my dosage.

I am pretty sure my E2 is lower than what required probably much lower than 22 as this is on the non-sensitive method. Unfortunately i do not have facility of sensitive E2 test in my country.

Test is at 700. My current dosage is 60 mg test E every 3.5 days (120 mg/week). How much should i increase my Test dosage to see more positive changes in libido and errection department. Basically I am trying to raise E2 just a few points to see what happens.

For example

140 mg per week( current 120 mg per week)

Cut my arimidex dosage to 0.25 mg per week from 0.5 mg per week. I am trying to find my sweet spot. I think i am pretty close to getting dialed in.

If you have any other angle of seeing my situation please do share.

Your words will mean a world to me. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


when was last time you achieved a hard normal erection? and how long did you go without a hard erection?
I ask this because if its been a while, you may need some viagra or cialis to get your dick in shape again. Its like when you work out and your muscle is rock hard then you stop working out - it goes back to soft. then you need to work it to get it hard again.

If your e2 is too low you will probably have dick sensitivity issue meaning when you touch it where it usually feels awesome, it does not feel awesome or it feels like its somewhat numb.
I do trt can not currently get perfect e2 level so I take 3mg cialis daily and get wood every morning and sometimes during night.

Your probably not feeling 100% in those areas because your are lowering your e2 too much. The regular test overstates it, so you are probably lower than 22. Which, is not good. I left my e2 in the 17-18 range for a long time, chasing that 22 number. I felt like dog shit and made zero gains and actually caused some joint issues.

You will probably hear a million different options, but why don’t you drop the AI? see where it takes your e2, if its too high, drop your dose a little maybe.

*Edit I think what you proposed, cutting your arimidex in half, is a good start. But you might not even need it, which would be nice.

I’m glad to see your making progress my brother. I would say cut out the arimidex and see where you fall naturally. You can always get back on the arimidex and microdose it if your E gets to high. I’d imagine you don’t need it though. Get the estrogen sensitive test on your own. You don’t need a doctor for that. I did it. Never taken an ai and I’m doing 100mg a week cypionate with no hcg. My E sensitive test came back 27 with a total Testosterone of 675. I’m telling you drop the ai. To many variables at play. I would drop the ai. Retest. Drop the test to 100 per week if the E goes up to much. Then never take an ai again. Personal opinion.

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I’m doing 60mg/3.5 days just like you but with no ai. I’m having the exact same benefits and the exact same problem as you which is libido and erections (better than before but not on point). Was thinking about cialis everyday but i’m wondering if this will cause problem when I stop taking it? What if I take cialis for 3 months and then stop?

You can take cialis. I took it for over two years before and it never caused any sides. But low dose daily. Research ncbi site for further info.

After reading this forum, I had to do several things to get consistent wood.

  1. Decrease dose from 240mg test (once per week) to 140mg, divided into two 70mg doses 3.5 days apart.
  2. inject sub-cutaneous, not intramuscular
  3. take 250 units of HCG, 2X per week, same day as test shots.
  4. 2.5 mg cialis per day
  5. I’m an AI over-responder…I quit taking AI all together.
    Took almost a year to get dialed it, but now I am pleased with results.
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What benefits you have reaped with sub Q injections?

I cant really quantify, but sub-cutaneous is recommended often on this site.
At least with sub-c you are not poking your muscles full of holes over years of injecting.