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Finally Hit a Two Plate Squat!


I know it's nothing too special, but I've been lifting for 6 months, and one of my main goals when I started lifting was a two plate squat. So glad I finally got it!
Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFEGq3gqAj8


Congratulations, tuck your elbows under the bar and push your back into the bar first out of the hole and you'll continue to progress.


Good job man, keep at it


next stop, 3 plates.


Nice work! If you don't want to tuck the elbows under, push your chest up/shoulder blades together as soon as you get under the bar and keep doing it throughout the movement. Also pull the bar down into your shoulders (I think the results will be pretty much what tsantos describes, just different description).


Nice work! Keep it up.


Good work. Continuing with those and eating enough fairly clean food will produce some serious muscle all over.