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Finally hit a Double Bodyweight Bench: 420lbs @210lbs


Getting ready for a meet, October 12th.


Damn thats insane!!!

Great work dude.


Nice work Carlos!! sick bench.


Kick ass on the 12th man!!


Solid lift my friend! Are you doing a full meet? If so, how are the other two lifts doing and what are you shooting at for a total?


I'm a full meet lifter.

Looking to hit high 6's on the Squat and around 700lbs on the Deadlift. I'd like to hit 1800+ for a total.


Damn! You continue to impress


You're running with the big dogs at a young age! Stay focused and best of luck. Please keep us posted.




Are you cutting to 198 or just going to 220?



I don't like cutting, so I'm staying as a light 220er


Incredibly impressive, I absolutely love your log btw.


Very impressive.... you looked like you could have gone a bit heavier.