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Finally Hit a 3 Plate Squat

Not the strongest number but I am thrilled. Squats have always been my weakpoint and I have been chasing 315 for over a year now.

Been weight training for a few years but always fall off the wagon with my diet or consistancy. In January I decided to jump on Greyskull LP and truly commit to the training schedule and eating enough.

I start and end each day with a 1k cal shake and get a couple meals in between and a snack. I have put on around 8 lbs in the past 9 weeks

I work from home so i also opted to add in the frequency method pushups and chins on top of the base program. I added rows, abs, and neck harness for assiatance. I also do a predawn walk/airdyne ride each morning.

One thing i did was do only SSB squats for squatting. The SSB is a bastard of pure will for me. It throws me foward to hard.

I had to deload squat and press a couple times over the past 9 weeks. On monday i failed my second set of SSB at 290.

Today was my next squat workout and i was feeling a little beat up. I had been running this 9 weeks without deload. I also am getting immensely bored from this self quarantine going on. I decided instead of a 3x5 i would see if i could hit 315 with a regular barbell.

I worked up to 295 and it felt great. I put 3 plates on (first time ever squatting over 300). I hit the rep pretty easy. I felt so much more solid under the barbell than the ssb.

Just feeling very excited to finally hit this milestone. I plan to continue om GSLP and use the SSB for a majority of it. Just had to tell someone cause my wife doent care! Ha


Congrats man!

Congrats! I used to think I was some shit when I could squat 315. It was definitely the gateway to bigger numbers from there.

Congrats on the milestone!