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Finally Hit 5 Plates on the DL, 4 Plates on Squats

Did a fun competition at my school a bit earlier and finally nailed 495lbs raw (no belt either) on the deadlift and 405lbs below parallel on the squats (the magical 4 plates with a belt).

Sorry, I don’t have pics or videos of it. The deadlift was an absolute grind but I did not have to hitch it. It was funny because many people doing squats were quarter squatting it and it was acceptable by my college gym.

Myself and maybe 1 other strong mofo (who was in my weight class) squatted below parallel. P.S. the strongest raw bench was by someone in my weight class (181-198) at 415 (which to me f’ing impressive) just wraps and a belt. He also beat my deadlift by 20lbs. It was great to see absolute power in front of your eyes.

Let’s not even talk about my bench press LOL.

Just liked to share my experience, later.

Great job! Keep up the good work, you’re getting strong as hell!

[quote]elano wrote:
Great job! Keep up the good work, you’re getting strong as hell![/quote]

I’m working on 5 plates myself, just can’t seem to do more than break the floor though.

Nice milestones, congrats.

Good work. Check out http://www.virtualmeet.net

I think the next PL meet is beginning of December.


Way to go man. Keep it up!

Solid, very solid. Good work.