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Finally Graduating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my last final tonight and can’t express how relieving it is to have finally finished my undergraduate. Oh well, now I have graduate school to look forward to in August. Nobody is home and I was so excited that I had to tell someone.

congrats! I’m done on the 20th.

Congrats man, good job…I’m in the same boat, except that I don’t really have a solid idea of what I’m doing in the next few months.

Congratulations man! Now what do you plan on getting your graduate degree in?

Where and for what are you going to grad school?

I’m going to the University of New Orleans and I’m going for an MBA with a concentration in Finance. My undergraduate is in accounting.

Congrats man. My graduation is tomorrow!!! Woohooo!!! I’m so excited. Yeah, I’ve got grad school too. Hey, we can celebrate for a little while., right?

Don’t worry JWright, I will be doing some celebrating. Hopefully I will be able to handle working full time and going to grad school full time. I guess I will find out.

Jason, it’s about time you came over to the East Bank from the evil West Bank. Hehe…

Congrats, man.

Thanks DocT. I know you heard this one before but the “West bank is the best bank”.LOL!. They just have so many things to do over here on the west bank(just a little hint of sarcasm).


I am finally done too. Oh man, what a feeling. It was a rough 5 years.

I be is graduating!!