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Finally Got the Shots... HRT

I finally got the shots…Test E EO week
after 8 months of doc appts…but can’t complain it is covered under my insurance…major medical…cost me $ zero dollars for my scripts…I already took the first shot…waiting for results…creams did nothing…Gel did nothing…

Congrats for a step in the right direction. I am on the shots as well. Just a little advice up front. Shots EO week are not gonna cut it. Not trying to scare you but you will feel worse. Dont know if you are gonna have to go threw this route to convince your DOC in the long run this is not a good protocol. I am taking injections 2x weekly and I am considering changing it to EO day or E3D.

I know that the OLD research suggests that the half life of test is like 10-? days but like me tell you my friend, it is not!

Consider convincing your DOC to let you self inject. Really push for weekly shots. Then you can split your dose have you please. You can purchase syringes fairly cheap online. PM me if you need more info.

Hope this helps. Hpefully someone else will chime in some and give you the more technical explaination of why EOW injections won’t suffice.

To be fair, your Doc is probably going by the recommendations in the PDR, and/or the insert that comes with the drug, but both are seriously out of date. Regardless of theoretical considerations, the simple fact is that patients injecting smaller doses EOD have better results than patients getting larger doses EOW.

The listing at drugs.com will show you what you’re up against:

“Injections more frequently than every two weeks are rarely indicated.”

You should definitely read Dr John Crisler’s protocols:


As stated, your best bet is to get your doctor to agree to letting you self inject. Then you can dose as you like (while swearing that you’re following his recommendations) and do smaller EOD injections compared to larger EOW injections.

Best of luck to you!

Just wanting to let you know that it takes a little while for you tissues to get saturated again. I think it took me about a month to feel the effects of my shots when I first started. It will take longer still for the damage done to your body to be repaired. Just wanting you to know that this is no quick fix.

Also echoing that you should get your nurse to teach you to inject yourself. Every two weeks will put you on too much of a rollercoaster. Split your dose in half and inject every week. Your doctor should have no objection to this.

I am doing the self injections, and i can adjust the frequency as i wish, I just wanted to see if there would be a reaction before I went ant further. I appreciate the info though…One of the many reason I come to this site!!!
Thanks for the help!!!