Finally Got Prescribed. How Can You Use Ampules Multiple Times?

For those who have followed my previous posts I’m 24 and have been diagnozed with secondary hypogonadism since I was 21. Recently went to an endo to start TRT (my levels average 7.8-9.0nmol). He wouldn’t prescribe and said he would only do nebido. Following your guys advice I went private and saw a specialist today.

She had no qualms about prescribing me and was fantastic.

Have a prescription for test SUS250 now (finally)

She also said we can introduce HCG after a few months on test SUS and also look at AI’s if required.

The only downside is she wants me to start with one injection of test SUS 250 (1ml) every three weeks. I did bring up that this isn’t the greatest way to do it (but also was just thankful to get prescribed). She said to try it for six weeks, then go off how I’m feeling and bloods. Then we can reduce it to one every two weeks, then eventually once every week or twice every week. Seems a bit funny to do it the long way but I’m happy just to be prescribed.

Just did my first injection before. The journey starts today!

But I am wondering if I want to split my 250 dose how do I go about that? It’s in an ampule so needs to be used in one injection?

from what i know 100-125 weekly is recommended

Just put it in 2 (or 3 or whatever dose you choose) syringes. As long as you kept a sterile field when drawing, then recap and store properly, it should be fine.

One shot every three weeks is just stupid. She has no idea what she is doing and is setting you up for a hormone roller coaster.

Every 3 weeks is no good, your SHBG has to be taken into account and it seems a lot of doctors are ignoring SHBG. Once every 2 weeks isn’t optimal either, once or twice weekly is better for sustanon.

You new doctor doesn’t do TRT very often, patients would be coming in complaining of feeling low long before the next injection. You can preload syringes and inject more frequency.