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Finally Got My Clen, Questions


At this moment I can only do body weight workouts. Sit ups, push ups etc...

I also run 45 minutes daily. Is this ok while in a clen cycle?



We need more info to help you out in any way, shape or form. When you post stupid shit like this, you get flamed...kinda like the first 7 words of my post..


why u mad bro?

heigth: 5 ' 6
Waist size at your navel: 38
Waist size at narrowest point: 36
Hip size at widest point: 38
Neck at narrowest point: 15
Weight 162


Weight 162 and you want to take clenbuterol? For what reason? Going for Mister Somalia 2012?


Well his waist IS gigantic. But I agree that clen is a wrong choice. Obviously diet needs to be fixed.



Back to subject...I find clen only works when your BF% is already low and your looking to get more shredded..Clen at hight BF is useless...safe it when your starting to see abs then hop on the clen train.


This is why i was "mad bro". Because now that i can see your stats i can tell that clen is a wrong choice. Listen to Bonez. Get your diet in check before you even consider any type of anchillaries or AAS


I know this from expierence...I have about a lifetime supply of clen in my room :wink:
Waiting until the bodyfat is low enough to startin poppin