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Finally Got My 500 lb Deadlift!


After lots and lots and lots of work, I was finally able to do a clean (no hitching) 500 pound deadlift the other day! No belt, just a ton of chalk and a mind to get it done. I am more than excited that I finally got this. I will continue to work and see where I can be over the next few years.


Congrats. Next up: 505


Great job man!!


That's awesome!


How long have you been training?
I've been training for 14 months now and am yet to reach the big 5-0-0. (I got 440 today though).


That's a great milestone Horse...keep up the good work man!


Great Job! 500 feels awesome the first time you nail it. There's something about saying you can lift a quarter ton that resonates well. Now do what I did and post a vid of yourself lifting it!


Just out of curiosity, when did you have to start using mixed grip? Great job btw.


Awesome job man! I'm still down at 405. What'd you do to get there?


Nice, congratulations.


That is a great job. Wicked cool!


congrats, I hope to be back there someday (nasty leg injury)


Great job. Im working on getting there myself. Im right around 475. I planned to hit 500 by May 11th..but life had other ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be in the gym tomorrow for sure.


Congrats!!! I'm on my way as well.


Fuck yea. I love how you attributed it to lots and lots of hard work. Keep up that attitude and let us know when you get 600.


i hate you.....until i get 500. then we can be friends.


congrats man, I hope to be there someday, working towards 405 right now!



You are a 21 year old female that's closing on a 405 lb. deadlift?

Do you compete? Sorry to OP not trying to hijack, but DAYUM!


This is extremely hot


Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it. I told my wife, and she was like "OK, cool, what's for dinner." LOL

I've been back in the game for about 14 months now. I took about 3 years off due to injuries, kids and life, etc. I'm a tall dude who has always been better at deads than any other lift. (I squat 350 and bench 225, LOL)

When I say a lot of work, I mean a lot of reading of programs, trying them and learning from what went right and what didn't. I've tried WS4SB, splits, push/pull, etc.

Surprisingly enough, my biggest gain recently came from taking time off from countless rack pulls, stright-legged deads, conventional deads a few times a week and prety much stopping. Then I started playing with the I,Bodubuilder program. I guess a month off from serioud deadlifting during phase 1 helped. I was at 460 before.

And to whoever asked, I switch to a mixed grip for anything over 345. Yeah yeah I know...I'm working on grip too.

"I can lift a quarter ton." Hell yeah, that has an awesome sound to it!