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Finally Going Hardcore

ok guys, finally gonna go hardcore and watch what i eat, i’ve been working out for quite some time, taken quite a few courses to do with this type of knowledge (weightlifting) but have always always ignored my diet,

my days (last week, before i read some stuff here) were wake up at around 2pm , go to work for 3pm, eat minute amounts in my rush to work, eat some crap at break, grab 3 burgers at wendys on lunch and maybe have nachoes on my last break, and eat something when i get home maybe

im 5’11 and around 165lbs, i currently started using a creatine powder called nytro fusion and started back into weightlifting for the first time since my dislocated shoulder, the nytro is great and im starting to eat a ton more and drink a ton more water,

today my food was
-lunch/breakfast (12 inch meatball sub)
-during work i drank my nytro fusion
-my first work break i got nachoes with cheese
-my lunch/supper at work i had a personal sized lasange and yougurt
-my last break i had an aero chocolate bar (was suprised to read it had 250 calories)
-after work i did my workout
-after my workout i got some pizza

yesturday i had a ton of chicken and then some oatmeal after work, and a bunch of misc stuff

im being very honest when i say i know nothing of what to eat and when, or why, i’ve always ate what i want and whatever results i got from weightlifting were the results i got, no biggy at that time

now im a bit more hardcore and would like to get more results and eat a bit better

ps. im 19 years old (give some metabolism information)

any information on what i ate that was good, what i ate that was bad, what i should start eating, your responses are greatly appreciated

thanks guys


Glad to have you around and hope we all can help you not only meet but surpass your goals.

Here is a good starting point for you.

Let me give you congrats on figuring out that nutrition will/is a/the biggest factor toward any goal you have when it comes to your training.

Now all of us could just start spewing advice and diets at you but most of the time it is of greater benefit to you if you help us help you. So I have compiled a list here with links to some great articles that will cover many of the bases of nutrition we ALL follow here.

Read up on these, as well as anything eles by LL (Lonnie Lowery) and JB (John Berardi) and come on back with some more specific ?'s and an understanding that EVERY aspect of your nutrition and training will be individaul to YOU. In other words what works Great for me or another may down right BLOW for you.

Hope these help and come on back we’ll be waiting.

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid
The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

Massive Eating

T Dawg 2


Phill has it all laid out for you. Basically, spend some time looking through the article archive and getting familiar with the search engine.

It will be one of the best investments of your time that you will ever make.

However, do not get overwhelmed by the amount of information you will be reading…

  1. Replace crappy foods like soda, ice-cream, chips and chocolate bars immediately.

  2. Try to get quality protein with every meal.

  3. Take control. You might end up cooking a large batch of chicken breasts on the weekend so you can grab them and take them to work during the week, for example.

  4. Leave yourself some wiggle room. A cheat day or a cheat meal takes the pressure off.

Finally, if you have a cam, take some “before” pictures and then keep them around for comparison as you progress.

awesome, i definetly will have to get some before pictures,

phil i appreciate the list very much, looking over it now

thanks again,

it does seem kinda confusing but i’ll eventually get it, just need some help from you guys,

some things i want to find out if im thinking correctly

  1. protein is used to repair muscles but if nothing needs repaired the protein is basically urinated out?

  2. carbs are needed basically all the time unless your cutting for a show of some sort?

  3. water, water and more water? (esp on creatine)


Hey not a problem. Here to help.

YES, take your time and dont get overwhelmed. One step at a time my man.

OK. Try and give some quick help here right quick.

[quote]some things i want to find out if im thinking correctly

  1. protein is used to repair muscles but if nothing needs repaired the protein is basically urinated out?

  2. carbs are needed basically all the time unless your cutting for a show of some sort?

  3. water, water and more water? (esp on creatine)[/quote]

  4. To be very simplistic, yes. But you will also use it for fuel. You cant just negate the K/cal amounts of protein because you have nothing to repair. Your body will convert it to useable fuel in needed times and spare your own muscle tissue from being chewed up as fuel. It also keeps you more satisfied, and has a higher metabolic response ( takes more energy to process) than say you simple carbs. in short, EAT YOUR PROTEIN.

  5. They are needed all the time. Regaurdless if cutting or not. It is the amounts and timing of them that will change for each individual and for each of their goals. Diet, training, well everything is/can be a very individual thing. I may cut with say 200 carbs a day with great success, while you may need to go more moderate or low, say 75-100 to accheive the same result. The trick is to take your time. Log your diet and training and find what works best for YOU.

  6. YUP. LOL yes water is good. I do beleive it is 3 part water for every 1 part glycogen stored in your muscles.

Hope that helps,
Gotta run,

Read the list of articles that Phil gave you and you’ll learn a ton. But don’t overwhelm yourself too much in the beginning, or your head will be spinning. Just make sure you really get to know the “7 habits” and once you follow those daily, then worry about counting cals/macros. No, carbs are not needed all the time, (even when bulking). At least not in every single meal. As JB talks about in his Massive Eating articles, if you can seperate your meals into P + F and P + C meals, then you can eat more cals w/o putting on much (if any) fat.

GL and keep reading and learning…


Hows it coming. getting overwhelmed yet. You kinda just vanished???