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Finally Getting the Gambit of Bloodwork

Here is what he ran…

Bioavailable Testosterone #14966X
Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Estradiol (�??ultrasensitive�?? assay only)

Ok so maybe its not the absolute best, but at least I got this much done! Now the potential upside. He was willing to have me fax him a copy of Dr. Crisler’s report. Hopefully he reads it instead of using it for toilet paper :-).

I am very interested in seeing how the LH comes back. My test is low (223) and so is estrodiol (<10). That lends me to believe the ‘boys’ aren’t working. So if LH is high and the rest is low, the TRT is what I will have to do.

If TRT is the deal, I am going to talk him into letting me self inject. 100mg ea week with some arimidex for the E2 spike that will be coming.

will know more when I meet with him Thursday.

I personally am a prescription T junkie. (LOL)
I want my doctor to give me the maximum legal dosage every week, which happens to be 200mg/week right now.
Two of the many men I respect in this forum say 200mg/week is “a lot”. Well maybe for some, but not for me personally.
I enjoy the calm, focused, driven “side effects” of that much T.
I don’t have the “don’t you know who I think I am?” issue, but I am really intolerant of people that sit on their butts complaining about how tough it is to lose weight.

How about “give up the Krispy Cremes, fatboy?”
JM .02

LOL well I gotta admit when I meet with the doc in about 2.5 hours he better come though. also I gotta clean up my diet BAD and that is 100% on me