Finally Getting Back

Well ive gone and done it i finally got my ass in gear and am going back to mma tomorrow night after a year out. god im going to get my ass handed to me. I am AND im not looking foward to it. Awell wish me luck.

good for you man!

Im bricking em! as im going to a rival gym plus my girlfriend is also training there, so ill be getting some serious stick. awell it is the best gym in n.ireland and has produced some of the best fighters to come out of n.ireland. best thing is, before i hadnt a clue about nutration now i do because of this site so ill be bursting with energy this time round.

Kick their balls in! Except for your girl.

woo hoo last thursday i did it started back and dam it feels good. just gotta keep my head up and work hard.

Keep us updated.


Dam its good being back at this game, i feel more confident now and have learned a great deal more from this club compaired to the last one. Better still the team coach was asking me about fighting soon something i never bothered with before but now i really want it.