Finally found D-Pintol

For anyone that’s interested, I was at a health-food store yesterday and I found a product that contains D-pintol. It’s called Glucolean, and it’s made by Biochem. I believe it had 25 mg. per 2 tablets, and it also had a few other ingredients such as gymnema. I don’t remember seeing any glucosol in in though. I can’t believe how hard d-pintol is to find if it’s really that good. Only products I’ve seen it in is EAS’s Synthevol and Nitro-tech (dosage unknown).

Brock mentioned a product he thought was pretty good in his last “Useful Stuff” column by Pinnacle I believe. Check out the column to be sure. product contained both compounds you mentioned.

This might be a dumb question, but what are the benefits of D-pintol?