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Finally Found a Doctor Willing to Treat Me BUT...


She's quite reluctant to prescribe injections, she much prefers transdermal medications (test & hCG).

It's been quite a long process finding a doctor who feels that my total testosterone levels (low 300's) are likely the cause of my symptoms, so I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me.

After scouring these forums, it seems that the vast majority of people dislike transdermals when compared to injections. I'd really hate to spend the next few months being miserable if the cream doesn't work for me. It's already been a miserable few years.

Is there anyone here who's had a good experience with them?


Tell her you swim 7 days a week and you rub up a lot on your girlfriend and/or wife and/or your kids and/or your nieces and nephews if you want injections.


Go to any HRT clinic if you want injections. They will have no problem prescribing them (unless you are very young). If a doctor is "she" this is a problem already. Best doctors in HRT are males, who have hypogonadism problem themselves.


Haha, I'll try that...err something like that.



Thanks. I'd like to avoid paying the large fees that most of those clinics carry, but if it meant that I could feel better again I'd definitely consider it.

When I asked if anyone here had good experiences with transdermals, should I expect zero replies?


Have you read the 'finding a TRT" sticky and the others?



I didn't format my original post in the manner suggested in the "advice for new guys" sticky because I'm past the point of trying to diagnose why my testosterone is less than optimal. I didn't want to ask members here to sift through information about my diet, exercise, lifestyle, bloodwork, etc., because I've already decided to pursue treatment.

I've seen a handful of doctors who lived up to the stereotype of knowing nothing about low T or it's treatment. Although one of them was very helpful in ruling out other illness' through bloodwork. The only thing that has continuously been low or low-normal is my total testosterone, and the plethora of symptoms that I've been dealing with are indicative of a hormonal issue.

I'm currently weighing my options but have been presented with the opportunity to use transdermals to treat my low testosterone. I was hoping to find some members who may put my mind at ease a bit, and could convince me that transdermals are not a waste of my time.


I got the same thing from my doctor at first. I was honest. I told her that I was paying out of pocket and that injections were the cheapest. She said okay. The rest is history.

If you don't ask the answer is always NO.


Well put, I didn't think about it like that.



huh... how much cheaper are the testosterone/needles that any of the current creams being used?

seems like insurance would pick up some of this, but i guess that also varies quite a bit....