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Finally First Cycle Is Here!


Dropped from 230-207 in order to do my first cycle. I am 27 and have been training for about 7 years. Best lifts: 545 Squat, 600 deadlift and 320 bench. First cycle will be extremely simple:

500mg Test E (Wen and Sun)
Adex .25mg EOD
12-16 PCT
Nolva 40,40,20,20

I am keeping extra Adex and nolva on hand during cycle in cause I get a side flare up. I am prone to acne, any suggestions for mitigation? Let me know if you have any critics, maybe possibly running PCT longer with clomid?


nice stats, good looking first cycle.

I expect great things from you, young man.

Personally I prefer clomid for PCT, but that’s just me.


the PCT should start two weeks after the last pin, in your plan you appear to start at week 12.

Change to week 14. You could consider doing 6 weeks of nolva @ 20mg a day instead.