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Finally Broke 175lbs.


Hey everyone, I've been lifting weights and trying to gain weight for 3 years now. Its been a long hard battle, as I have hemophilia and get injured often, so my training is sometimes inconsistent. I made it from 135lbs to 155 in the first two years, and then started eating more seriously this year. I've gone from 155-180 this since ~January, with a couple injuries in between. I had been stuck at 165 from June to September and finally made the big push when I started college again at the beginning of September.
I did gain a chunk of fat gaining 15lbs in under two months, but I am proud of myself.

I recently started only being able to train 3 days a week, so I started Bill Starr's 5x5. Hoping with the new weight I can get some more respectable iron on the bar. I found that since my training was inconsistent strength gains were equally slow and inconsistent, going in spurts.

Since its only October, should I continue bulking, maybe a little cleaner or keep packing away the food?

Gained some weight, proud of myself, keep going or slow down?


Good job, how tall are you?

I'd say keep gaining. If your training is inconsistent though be careful with the force feeding during those periods.


I'm only 5'6. Most of my mass is in my legs on account of my obsession with squatting. My arm are lackluster as I followed the 'Full body workout, big lifts, never train isolation' crowd for a long time.
I try to cut down the food when injured, I've had a good long streak since July.


You can always add in some isolation to full body work.

Thinking out loud here, I wonder how hemophilia would affect things like the "pump" and recovery? What have been your observations?


None. Only been injured training once, stretch a calf waaayy to much doing leg press calf raises. All other injuries are work/retarded life related.

Weight lifting has helped a hell of a lot with any muscle related injuries as well as coordination. I actually have far fewer injuries now than before I started.


Interesting. I'm glad to hear that lifting has helped! Keep up the good work and keep on gaining!


i agree with waylander, id say keep on packing it on as long as your training consitantly, you may start to look a little soft as u keep going, but it will be worth all the muscle when u do cut down, and u can always cover up in the winter lol


Good work!!


Obviously being inconsistent is a big issue, but if you are indeed putting on some degree of muscle, then don't overly concern yourself with noticeable adipose as well. Just be realistic as to when you've actually crossed the line from 'soft' to 'fatass' -lol