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Finally Big 400. 2.5xBW Bench


Really happy, been a great year!

Could maybe do 375 paused


Slow as fuck, that was crazy man! I doubt you had another ounce in you




Way to grind, good job man


Helluva low gear!


thanks alot everyone, really happy:) hoping for triple bodyweight bench before I become a senior, would be neat!


Nice !


Congrats! Hitting new PRs is the best way to wrap up a year.


Very impressive well done, how many times a week do you bench and what type of program are you using ?


every other day, usually switching between either 5x5 paused bench or 1 heavy paused single followed by one max rep touch and go 10 rep set, after that i focus on ohp, dips, flyes, etc to strengthen the bench muscles


Well its definitely working for you once again well done :slight_smile:


What percentages do u use for the 5x5 and singles?


Grinder PR with some big weight and nary a spotter in sight! Ballsy!