Finally benched 315 today (touch n go)

Went to another gym today and did bench, for some reason though the weight felt a bit lighter, so not sure if it was truly 315. difference was the bar was thicker(better hold on the bar so maybe felt lighter), and the plates were rubber coated.


However, plates are not always accurate. They can differ a lot. The only way to know is to put them on a scale!

Congrats man! Thats a milestone. Yea stallion is right. All commertial plates, bars and clamps are about plus or minus 2% of thier stamped weight. So unless you want to weigh each and every item youre using, everytime you train, just go by what they are stamped as.

Congrats man. Hitting 315 for the first time is an awesome experience.

Love it when you try a new gym and their gear just feels easier. My old hs gym was like that, and I’d kill it every time I was home for break. Congrats on the 315, doo