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Finally a Tren Study


Tren does cause rape…

Seriously though. I realize people aren’t fish but what do the experienced users have to say? I’ve researched Trenbolone quite a bit but have never tried it. Before anybody jumps down my throat I don’t actually think it will make me rape anyone. Having said that, I don’t have any plans on trying it anytime soon, but it is a topic of personal interest.


I’m not sure what you’re really looking for in this thread… just general opinions on tren? The info that’s out there is pretty much spot on. I’ll give you a quick rundown of my own experience.

night sweats, loss of appetite, mild insomnia, irritability, and heightened libido were the sides I experienced. I got a little stronger, and my physique definitely looked better on it. But I don’t enjoy being on it. This was with tren E, dosed at like 500mg/week (maybe 400? Can’t remember concentration).

Tren A is is substantially more bioavailable, so I would expect sides to increase substantially on tren A at the same dose. Anecdotal evidence suggests this to be true as well.

I believe that Tren is best used for bodybuilding purposes, or in prep for a powerlifting meet if you’re trying to make a weight class, and you’re cutting or right at the desired weight, and want to make sure you keep bodyweight and appetite in check. I would not use it in offseason.


you have to be really creative with ace after all pin spots are sore, -.-


I thought it was worth a chuckle and for people to be aware of. Flip did a good job answering the questions I didn’t know I had yet… I suppose overall I’m just curious whether the people that have experience using it prescribe to the belief that there’s a behavioral aspect unlike most other mainstream AAS, or whether they think it’s all trumped up hogwash, and their own personal experiences with mood and personality while on cycle with it. Also interested in anything you guys think is relevant to the discussion. I don’t have any immediate plans for a Tren cycle but I did pick some up in a recent raw order for use in a hypothetical future cycle.


tentative no, BUT, again, I used E rather than Ace, and I have absolutely heard people say that Ace is a totally different animal. I’m not of the belief that any steroid will change your essential nature as a person. Nobody’s going from being a good guy to a total asshole, or from non-violent to violent. But I think what happens is a) sometimes personality traits are accentuated, and b) some people will use the steroid as an excuse for bad behavior. b seems to be quite prevalent among violent assholes.


That could be true for your body chemistry. We are all different.
The general sides are well documented and validated by many.
It is best to present the information and have people mentally prepared.

The A group could just have too much stress at on time and blow.
I do go from calm to killer pretty easy when a B group tries to force me off the road.
(Or a similar action.)
For the B group, electroshock therapy is best.


I ran Tren a for how ever long a 100/20ml vial lasts (5 weeks I think up to 400mg (eod) per week (with 250 cyp (once a week))).

I’ve been an “asshole” for quite some time. I blew up at different random things… mostly with wife and kids. About 3 weeks into using Tren, I was asked what had happened to me. I calmed down and everything that bothered me before, didn’t seem to bother me as much or at all. Enough where I could handle not blowing up. I was told I “changed” (for the better).

I did experience some night sweats, but wearing a shirt and shorts helped, along with staying out from under the covers. I never did get paranoid until I came off, but I figure that was caused by the shit the wife and I are going through. Never paranoid about cops/etc… Plus, I did get a feeling of being more “Alpha”. I used to walk through the halls at work with my head down since I’ve never been aggressive. I’m a lover not a fighter. After being on, I held my head up and still repeated others, but stood my ground. Ohh, I did notice my road rage increased, but only when people cut me off, mostly do to them making the choice to cut across three lanes of traffic to take an exit at the last second.

Other than that, along with keto, I dropped a lot of fat. I was around 330 pounds or so and I ended up at 311 pounds. Now I’m in between 315-320 (running smolov squats).

EDIT: @BOTSLAYER reminded me. I have never slept better and all night since running Tren A. I was worried I’d not sleep much, but I slept like a baby. Also, 2± hour morning woods (between 2-4 or so AM).


My 2 cents, most of my sides are just exaggerated versions of my every day sides.

I normally have mild insomnia, so now I have bad insomnia. But I have been catching up on sleep every few days with a lot of napping.

Normally I am a warm sleeper and I get some pretty wicked night sweats.

My mood as long as my E2 levels were in check has been really good.

I normally have a streaky libido and now it seems my libido has been streaking on the non existent side.

Then a bunch of diet related sides that I think Tren has helped a ton with like strength and energy loss.

EDIT: Tren Ace…and it has only been a couple of injections of EOD but I think that sides are noticeably less if injected daily.


Now I’ve heard it all.

TrenAce is my go to. From my experience, it makes me a more intense version of myself. The emotions feel much more intense but it could be from the 2-3 hours of sleep/night I was getting. Obvious physical sides of night sweats, loss of cardio, weird appetite like some days it wanted to cut and others bulk, and for some reason I get really attached to the woman I’m seeing. As for libido, through the roof and the hardons like my dick wants to break through the skin, but sometimes takes a while to orgasm. Fuck it’s a rollercoaster sometimes.

All this to be able to wake up in every morning and see a substantial change in your body, I’d say is worth it as long as you don’t kill somebody.


i can tell u this i made in past 2 cycles…the 1st was 10 weeks
4 weeks superdroll 30mg and test E 500mg
4-10 only test e 500mg…

it was nice 1st cycle with zero side effects no roid rage pct was smooth my dick was hard same as before after cycle…

well the second i had the best idea use tren enanthate(not tren ace because of pinning) with test e and superdroll…second cycle last 10 weeks too…

well i stop tren E in week 4 the time when will kick in and start see results coz fo enanthate ester…though all cycle my emotion bad or good was INTENSE as F**k…i was on period…pct was kinda crazy too…tren **me more in psycology part it was the time of my life that make me understand why women are crazy as **ck