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Finally, a Spicy Workout.

What do you think of my upper body workout? Don’t worry, I work my legs enough too. All my routines I’ve done were basically do these 4 excersizes this many times and it worked, but I want to see if I can push my self with a workout like this…

Monday - Lower body/core and skills
Tuesday - Upper Body
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Skills
Friday - Upper body
Saturday - Lower body/core and skills
Sunday - Active rest and hypertrophy management

Upper body:
Warmup - Rear raises 3/8, Seated dumbell press 5/5
Warmup - Barbell curls 4/6, Pull-ups 5/5, Cool down - Leaning dumbell shrug 3/8
Warmup - Pulsing push-ups 20, Flat bench press 5/5, Cool down - Dumbell fly to squeeze press 3/8

I realize some of the warm-ups and cool-downs are too much but they aren’t necessarily cool-downs or warm-ups.

I’m eating and resting for size and strength. I do a lot of skill work like Kung fu and parkour, so I try to eat as much as I can, I’m gaining that little bit of fat that comes with bulking as I go, so judging by that I say I’m eating enough. I’m really excited to get into this routine replacing my old one.

I’m gonna try my damnedest to get more sleep too, any tips on that?