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Finally a solution for mid-night protien drinking

A company called Umix has created a bottle with 2 chambers. One for your powder and one for the liquid. it has a freezable center that will allow your liquid ( milk maybe?) to stay cool “for hours” ( quoted from the site)
The liquid and the powder stay seperate until you decide to mix them. The site is at http://www.umixpro.com/NutriBottle.asp
Could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Nice bit of product placement there boss, what was your cut?

Whats wrong with pre blending a shake into a thermas with some ice and having it next to your friggin bed?

Obviously you have never left a mix of calcium caseinate next to your bed for four hours Alex. It ends up the consistency of cookie dough.


LMAO!!! Wow. I;m not sure the name is quite name fits there Alexander. I think maybe it should be alexander “my glass is half emptyno wait its totally empty!” the suspicious. I’m a student and unemployed. I wish they were giving a cut. but if you looked at the price of the product I’m sure you would see that it would hardly be wortth it. And since I post here quite a bit, I’m sure that people can see that I just happened upon this information and decided to share it since many people could use a solution like this. ( there have been several posts on it and I belive there is another just under this one.) So if anyone from umix is reading this please send me a bunch of money. I’m a student and school is expensive. just send it to newbie ( oh wait thats not my real name) @ (oh I can’t publish my address on this board) well then at least send it to my country care of me at my address with my real name on it. Hope you can find me :slight_smile:

Looks cool! Thanks for posting!