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FINALLY A Simpson's Movie!




I wish they would have made the movie before the show jumped the shark.

I still watch, but it is not as good as it was.

I hope they step it up for the movie.


Seriously, the show is just TERRIBLE now. Watching it literally makes me cringe.


You're right Zap. The movie is about 7 years too late.

The show, once my favorite, has been crap for a long time.


sweet jebus i don't care if its too late, i'll see it anyhow.


Sad but true. They shouled have killed the Simpsons when they started Futurama.


Trailer, not teaser.


I wonder about the timing for this movie. Is next year the final season? Why wait 17 seasons to make a movie? On the other, making a movie at the height of The Simpson's popularity could have been saturation. The timing just seems odd to me unless the series is trying to go out with a bang.


Or make a movie when the series is losing ratings to renwe interest in it?

The series is still slated for at least 3 more seasons and the cast is signed to do 3 movies if Fox chooses to do so.


There was supposed to be a Simpsons movie a long time ago.

If you remember the episode where Bart and Lisa go to Camp Krusty. That was supposed to have been a movie but I don't know what happened.


I guess I just don't see the movie renewing a lot of interest. I can't imagine this being a huge blockbuster. I'm sure people will go see it; I'll probably even go see it. I just can't see it bringing life back to the series. I don't even think the series really went "bad." It's just got old. It's very hard to keep something fresh for close to 20 years.


Yes yes... if the movie had been made a long time ago it would have been better for many reasons... blah blah blah...

But from what I saw on the trailer (I caught it on TV last night) it looks pretty freaking funny. Usually in projects like this, most of the stops are pulled. I think it is entirely possible that this will be a good movie.

And if not, maybe it will be the final nail for that coffin and they'll just bow out of the show (as it has become rather inane and painful to watch at times).

Anyone know who the writing team is? Maybe they got some of the older ones back in it for this (like season 4-ish era writers).


I bet the movie will gross over $100 million domestic.

Borat raked in over $60 million thus far. The Simpsons audience is much larger than Borat and that would make this movie a huge success. Its a Simpsons movie, good bad or indifferent. Its the first one and it will make bank, thats a guarantee.


simpsons has changed a bit from the earlier seasons, but it's still a great show.




rewatch the first couple of seasons. i bet you've forgotten what they used to be like.


I know that it used to be worth watching.