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Finally, a GREAT Mag-10 cycle!

I am SO pleased with the completion of my three 2 week cycles of Mag-10!

I’m 49 5’9"… been training for 6 years.I’ve gone from 155 in 1996 to 222 as of today. The improvements have all come in 2-4 week bursts. I made a 177 to 200 burst three years ago doing Finasol and Zebutol… and have hovered around 200 since despite doing a few rounds of Mag-10 and the like. In retrospect I didn’t ‘re-up’ the calories as my weight had gone up… despite REALLY upping the protein (like 400gms/day) and keeping carbs the same or slightly less… in an effort to keep lean.Results were nominal gains.

This time I ate HIGH glycemic carbs for every breakfast and after every workout. The calories were only slightly more than my previous nonproductive cycles.

The lesson… respect the anabolic qualitis of insulin.

1st 2 weeks= 200 to 212; 2nd cycle= 208 to 216; 3rd cycle (actually 3 weeks)= 212 to 222!
My fat% HAS gone up of course, but nothing like I feared.

My dietary fat was extremely low during the 2 week Mag-10 cycles… this seemed to make all the difference in the world.

I look in the mirror and cannot BELIEVE the way my body looks!

I’ll try to post pics of me at 175…200… and 220… in the next week or so.