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Finally, A Coherent Routine


Hypertrophy day: Bent over rows: 6 sets
Starting at 6 reps/set, when I reach 10/set add weight.
Dips: 6 sets, starting at 5 reps/set. When I reach 10 reps/set add weight.
Rounded back deads: 5x10-15

Strength day: chins with one arm on elbow (in front of), to progress to one arm. Starting with 5x2, when I get to 5x8 (I know this already means hypertrophy, but I noticed that when I get to do a lot of reps, my absolute strength goes uuuuup. Also, shouldn't higher reps also make my stabilizers and forearms etc stronger? Meaning getting the groove better)/
One arm push-ups on smith machine 5x4, when I get to 5x8 put the bar lower.
Cleans/snatches: 20-30

I know my reps are pretty high, but I guess I am pretty much a beginner...

I decided on this mainly because I think it should work what I want and I'll be sticking to it.(I like it)

I also do 5 sets of hammer curls at home between the sessions, external rotation, forearm work, door frame L-pull ups and leg raises, etc.

What do you think?
Thanks, Vlad


If this routine helps reach your goals then stick with it for as long as it works.

What exactly is your long term goal physique/strength wise?


Right now: over-all mass and strength, erector mass, one arm push-ups and chin-ups, bigger arms. Is this routine good?
Thanks, Vlad

Edit: I THINK it should work what I want (upper body and some posterior chain). Think it is good for this?


I was under the impression you were supposed to arch your back and avoid rounding it on deadlifts to avoid injury. Maybe I am wrong. Hopefully some of the more seasoned T-Nation dudes or Staff can set us straight.


Well, yes...but I've als seen authors here say rounded back lifts aren't bad, you simply have to let your body adapt and start slowly. This is also something they say on exrx (Fleck,Falkel, Kraemer, Nelson if I remember...and some more).

Also, my back feels better than ever, and when I did deads (or any other stiff back work), it just hurt. And it didn't grow. Dr. Squat (Fred Hatfield) also advises for rounded back extensions (I know not deads, but still rounded back).

Strength, Vlad
Again, I'm waiting for some critique/ opinions on my routine.


Rounded back deads? I hope you are referring to the variation of S.L. Deadlifts where you use light weight and increased motion to stretch the hamstrings. If you're doing this with any sort of intensity weight-wise you'll probably be in the hospital before to long. As for the routine, you said it works, why change? Otherwise I would guide you to one of the great workouts by Waterbury or other great contributors of the sight. Those have been proven to work.


Intensity? Have you seen this kid's other posts? I am still in doubt that he is even eating enough, let alone lifting right.


Well, the guy on exrx says he uses 500lbs, with a perfectly rounded back... and that he's used it with older persons and they felt better. I feel better. Well, onwards...btw, all the old timers (Sandow, Hoffman, etc.) used a rounded back for erector development...


Okay, might've started off on the wrong foot... Should this routine help me reach my goals? (mass and relative strength)
Please give me some opinions/suggestions/etc.


Update: due to back pain I'm replacing rows with pull-ups (new goal 10 pull-ups with 70lbs in a set), and I'll be doing some rows to neck to train my rhomboids and lower traps and rear delts (altough my rear delts usually get very sore and worked with chins and pull-ups alone).
I guess my back just wasn't used to doing deads, rows and olympic lifting...well, cleans are now out,rows are out, and I'll be taking a one or two week break from deads.