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Finalizing My Physique

I’m not quite to where I want to be but a little leaner and then I’m there, what do you think? This pic is after push day

Ill add pictures of legs this week

I can’t tell from that single pic, especially relaxed, but do you have striations in your delts and pecs?

I’m not quite there yet, I have about 10–15 pounds to lose till I’m where I want to be. I feel good though, cutting just over a pound a week. Sitting at 186 pounds but not sure my bodyfat, im guessing 15%;

Sink is clean, mirror could use some love. Not a fan of the textured walls. Overall looks good together though. Sleek, minimalist, functional.


I’m confused why you’re asking other people what your goal is?

If that is 15% bodyfat you have some of the most aesthetically looking fat ever!

I’m not asking people what my goal is. What I mean to ask is if there’s anything that needs some fine tuning, I worded it poorly.

Absolutely understood that. My thinking is that either you’re happy with how you look or you aren’t. If I were in your position, it wouldn’t even cross my mind to ask other people what they thought because the only opinion that matters is mine. Just my thought process. For what it’s worth, you look fantastic.

Are you looking to compete? If not and you just want to look good on the beach then I think you would look better than 99.9% of people there. You’ve been blessed with pretty long and full muscle bellies and have put in some great work to take full advantage of it.

You look great! Small waist, great proportions on chest, arms, shoulders. Personally, I think you’re bodyfat (or lack thereof) is spot on. I’m sure you’re considered a freak at your gym and you’re a super freak anywhere else! :joy:

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Thats a good point, I think for the first time ever I’m happy with where I’m at so thats been refreshing. Thanks brother, I appreciate it

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I would like to compete someday but I just haven’t made it happen. Right now I just train because I enjoy it and it keeps me away from bad life choices. My dad has great genetics so I have him to thank for that.

I took some lower body pictures today and I’m hesitant to post them cause I have some awful calves… but here goes. I neglected my legs in my earlier years of training but they are a work in progress. No pump in these pictures

I hate all you people who store fat in their legs. Stupid genetics.

Lookin good op, if you’re happy then it doesn’t matter what we think, you’ve achieved what most think is impossible, satisfaction.


If you really want a critique on an awesome physique, your hamstrings don’t really pop at all.

Other than that, you’re killing it.

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Thanks brother. I’m about 99% certain I’ve had body dismorphia almost my whole life (which I’m getting over) and when nobody has anything to critique me on I get suspicious haha. You’re a real one man

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You have a thick, stocky skeletal frame like most BB’s but a small waist/hip which is great for aesthetics. You’re legs need a lot more lower quads, hamstrings and calves. Avoid the turnip quads which is where your headed (all upper quad development and no lower quad) and get that tear drop quad look that comes out when your lower quads are developed (lunges, bulgarian split squats, targeted extensions, etc.). Lou Ferrigno said he did 3 leg days per week because of his height, it was hard to get his legs proportional with his upper body development without that much volume on his legs.

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Thanks for the advice brother, I will make some adjustments and update in 12 weeks.

Wow absolute apeshit physique. Especially the upper body! The lower body needs still some work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, how long do you train? Natural?

Hey thanks brother, haha yeah in my early years of lifting I didn’t prioritize lower body training so its been some work to bring it up to size with my upper. I’ve been training about 10 years now and have run a few 8 week steroid cycles in the past 5 years but right now I’m natty and will be continuing lifting naturally likely forever.