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Finalized PCT, Input Needed


Nolvadex(came with a dropper, what should I use to measure it?)
Planned to let sit under my tongue for 10 mins then rinse down.
20mg first week
10mg weeks 2-4

Start at 3/day
It says experienced users can reach 9/day in 3 doses.
Planned to reach 6?

Recycle Pct
suggests 4-8 day
Planned to pyramid to 6

When that bottle ended I am going to finish with another bottle of recycle or HCGenerate.

LiverCare for the Duration of the Nolva

Week 3 in Erase + Anabeta

Last DMZ Dose is at Midnight tonight. 40 mins from now. Should I start this whole production at noon tomorrow before my lift?


Shit..why is it so complicated?

Run a pct that last at least 4 weeks and looks like one of the following..

nolvadex 40/40/20/20 (20mg is the Minimum that should be run)


clomid 50/50/50/50

Then you can add whatever doo-dahs you want..they probably won't make that much of a difference (as long as they aren't suppressive to the hpta).


Good luck letting nolvadex sit in your mouth for 10 minutes, shit is disgustingly bitter and I can taste it for an hour afterwards no matter how much I rinse my mouth out. It tastes like orange juice after you brush your teeth but 10 times stronger. Letting it sit is completely unnecessary anyway.

The dropper should be measured, mostly they are 1ml. The nolva I buy comes in 20mg/ml solution, so I drink a full dropper in the morning and a full dropper at night for 2 weeks, then half and half for 2 more weeks.

The rest of the shit you don't need...


Where in the hell are all these guys getting these stupid PCT supplements from? Just buy the real shit and save the crap for the kiddies...plus you can save your money and buy some more NO-XPLODEZZZZZZ