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Final Workout Scheme? Does It Look Good?


Mondays: Shoulder/Triceps/Abs

Dumbell Press: 4set 8-6
shoulder lateral raise: 4set 8-6
rear delts cc: 4set 8-6

overhead laying extension: 3set 8-6
seated frenshpress: 3set 8-6 ?
pushdown: 3set 8-6

hanging knee: 4set 8-6
cable crunch: 4set 8-6

Tuesday: back / biceps

DL's: 4set 6-4
barbell rows: 4set 8-6
lat pulldown: 4set 8-6
seated rows: 4set 8-6

Seated Curls: 3set 8-6
Hammer Curls: 3set 8-6
Concentration Curls: 3set 8-6

Thrusday Legs / Abs

Squats: 4set 6-4
Straight DL's: 4set 8-6
leg curls: 4set 8-6 75
standing calf raises: 6set 8-6
Tibialis anterior curls: 4set 8-6

hanging knee: 4set 8-6
cable crunch: 4set 8-6

Friday: Chest / Forearms

inclein DB: 5set 8-6 27,5kg
benchpress: 5set 8-6 55kg
flat DB: 5set 8-6 25-22,5kg

Forearm curl: 4set 8-6
barbell hold on!: 4set 60-30 sec

saturday/sunday = off

So how is the volume guys? does it look solid?

also im wondering if i should increas my rep range when im done Cutting and on to Bulking again to 10-8 reps? for mass that is ? or should i stay at this rep range?


Couple things I noticed.. You do 15 sets for chest alone, and only 4 sets of squats. You have no real quad focus. Add shrugs on shoulder day maybe? Theres a good thread here labeled "Do this routine instead of something something..." I would check that out.

Whether your cutting or bulking, your workout shouldnt change, just diet does.


Ya it wouldnt hurt to add leg presses and hack squats for quads.

Also doing barbell rows directly after heavy deadlifts is pretty stressfull on the lower back. May want to move deadlifts to a different day or scrap barbell rows and do chest supported rows instead.


Yes thats true, so what if i would add 4sets of leg presses, and ya i frogot to put the shrugs in there,

ya my lower back is very unstable when im doing BB rows after DL's. what day can i do Deadlifts on then? is it alright if i do Deadlifts on friday ? right befor chest workout ?


You do deadlifts on a thursday so friday isnt the best day to do them again.


no thoes are romaian dl's ? they barley put any stress on the lower back,

man im so confused right now :S is there any pre-made good hardcore workout with 8-6 rep range that anyone could link


have you had a look at this?


Yeah. They do put stress on lower back, although its a ham exercise.