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Final Word on Stretching


In reading numerous T-Nation articles I've picked up some conflicting info on when and how to stretch. I was hoping someone could clarify. So far I gather that static stretching before a workout is a no-no, but dynamic stretching is good. Could someone give examples of dynamic stretching for chest/back or leg day?

Now what about post workout? Is static stretching ok then?


Static stretching is good post workout.

As for dynamic stretching or flexibility, pick up the magnificent mobility DVD here in the T-Nation store. EC and MR do a fantastic job outlining all the dynamic stuff you should do pre workout.


And if you don't have a computer at home, a DVD player, or a credit card... what then?


You can pack up Dino and Pebbles and step into the 21st century or search the archives on this very site.

For example:


Then get back to churning your butter and cobbling your horse. Or get a job.


You go back to sleep and when you wake up, it will be 1970 again and this will have all been a bad dream.


Ian King reccomends static stretching before working out. I like it. Gives me better form on squats and deads. But then, I'm as flexible as a brick.



What if you don't have feet or a car built on logs? thanks for the link anyway--I started reading here just after this one came out. iyengar yoga is something else to consider for flexibilty, breath, meditation and recovery--I'm new to it myself--seems effective


It's funny how every couple years stretching comes and goes.

I'll be blunt. Instead of asking others. Do it or dont. Record your results. Check back with me in 6 months.

Personally. I stretch for a good 60 mins. before training. + cardio warm-up + control drills.

I'm not here to say stretching prior is good. To each their own. But pay attention to most atheletes. See how much time, dedication and focus they spend on stretching.

Make your decision wisely. Don't be a lemming.


Having no feet is not an excuse! Work the quarry and eat a brontosaurus burger or two and the Mr.Bedrock title is yours.

I never heard of that form of yoga, I will look into it though, Thanks.