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Final Weeks of Cut


Hey Guys,

I'm starting the last 4 weeks of my cut and I'm planning on removing either the oats or the berries from my morning meal to reduce the carbs in my diet slightly. I was curious which would be better to remove. The berries have more sugar but less overall carbs and they also have a ton of antioxidants, some fiber, phytonutrients, etc. (I eat enough green veggies so not sure if that's a big deal).

Oats will be a great fuel source for my mid day workout. Fiber, etc.

Also, regarding creatine. I've been using 5 grams in my PWO shakes (1/2 serving Surge during, 1/2 after workout) and I'm curious if I should remove this to reduce water retention.

What do you think?


Oats, for sure. The berries are very low in carbs and provide more health benefits. Although your workouts and mood will likely be shit by removing the oats, it would be the wiser choice in terms of body composition.

Really, though, you would be better off having both of them. I just recently went through a week of next to 0 carbs in order to make weight for a tournament and I have to say it was the most torturous week of my life =(

If you remove one, the oats would be the better choice.


I agree - going to be difficult, but may be worth it. Still debating pros and cons. This morning I had both and I think I may continue to do so. My only other carbs are PWO Surge.

Everything else is green veggies so I'm not sure if the pros of removing outweigh the cons.
I may just up the cardio to compensate by throwing in a few sessions of HIIT each week in addition to the morning fasted low intensity cardio.


Don't remove either. Both are beneficial to you, but if you really must remove one remove the berries. Reason: you'll have more energy during your workout meaning you'll burn more fat. Unless you're getting good sources of energy throughout the day then remove the oats. Keep using creatine imo if you still want to get bigger.


Why would you remove creatine? If you do, the scale will definitely drop, but it's almost a smoke and mirrors effect. The water is stored in your muscles, not in your skin or belly and doing so won't help you lose any fat.

So by doing that you've lost the intra-muscular pressure it provides and possibly some fullness. Not to mention you may lose some strength in your lifts.

Creatine isn't a "bulking supp". I don't see a reason, other than monetary, to stop taking it.



Wow, I would totally KEEP the oats. I know I would want the fiber content to keep things 'healthy' if you know what I mean.


I think keeping both and upping the exercise is a much better option. HIIT will definitely speed up the process and you will actually feel good too.


Fiber isn't an issue, I eat a ton of veggies 2 servings per meal including breakfast. Even when I cut out oats I stay regular.


I forget which site I was on - another crappier one - and the guy was saying that he cuts out creatine when he cuts due to water retention, in his pics he looked pretty cut so I thought he might know what he's talking about, but your logic makes a lot more sense.


This is what I'm going to do. Thanks to everyone for all the advice!


Does anyone cut out their Surge PWO when cutting and switch to a lower glycemic carb such as oats combined with whey? I don't think I could handle it, but curious what everyone else is doing.


No. Why would you ever want to?


Once again, have read elsewhere - this time I know it was on abcbodybuilding.com that some people either reduce or eliminate their PWO carbs or exchange for a lower glycemic version to reduce fat gain...

Anyways - that serves me right for reading elsewhere :wink:


actually, I think if you take glutamine & glycine w/ whey isolate vs PWO carbs, you effectively restore glycogen. But I'm not sure if that's only when going through ketosis. you might want to check that out


I wasn't trying to say what you were saying was wrong, I was just wondering why you would want to do it. From what I have witnessed Surge is a great PWO drink and I don't see why you would want to stop using it.


I think their logic was that any time you have an insulin spike (PWO included) there is going to be SOME fat gain. Now it may be minimal because your body is at an optimal time for an influx of sugar, but nevertheless, there will be a small amount of fat gain.


Ohhh I see. Well, regardless of that little fat gain, I would still continue to have your PWO meal/drink the same. It will be much more beneficial down the road.


There won't be fat gain unless you drink too much Surge. You can experiment with your serving size while dieting if need be.

I would drop the oats, but that is because for me, oats do not seem conducive to fat loss. I use other carb sources with more fiber instead.

But more cardio is a good idea too. I'm just now finally accepting the idea myself.