Final Revision: Test + Dbol + Proviron

Months of research, without further ado, this is the last revision from my previous thread ( First Cycle: Test E + DBOL - #15 by pex86 ) as i’m going to start it this next monday:

This will be my FIRST cycle.

Priming was a success even tho i was not that disciplined but i got away with some days of indiscipline due to my high metabolism.

Another thing is that a very mild gyno has flared in my left tit ( it doesnt have any appearence of gyno but i can feel a very very small lump underneath my nipple, ive had pubertal gyno so i know what it feels like, hurts a bit ONLY if i push it too hard, kinda obsessing about it) knowing i havent touched anything yet, so i will be using letrozole instead of arimidex ( very low dosing, 0.3125mg ED before cycle ( 5 days) and going like that through the whole cycle adjusting regarding overall dryness/joint pain and such)

Week Dose
1-10 Test Enanthate 500mg ( alpha pharma) 2x per week/ MON/THUR
LETRO( FEMARA) 0.3125 mg EOD ( bump the dose to 0.6mg if side effects worsen)
Proviron 50mg ED
HCG 250iux2 after every injection (discontinuing HCG 5-6 days before starting SERM
1-5 DBOL blue hearts 30/35/40/40/40 ED

11-12.5 LETRO ( FEMARA) LETRO( FEMARA) 0.3125 mg EOD ( bump the dose to 0.6mg or more if side effects worsen)

12.5-19 Nolva 20/20/20/20/10/5 ( as letro reduces the effectiveness of nolva, dosage should be doubled, but if letro is administred immediately after nolva, effectiveness is not impaired) LETRO 0.3EOD/0.3 EOD/0.3 EOD/0.3 E3D/ 0.3 E3D/ 0.3 E3D

19-20.5 LETRO 0.3 E4D

Bump… could use some feedback

I did read your post and things seem OK re this: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong

Already read that several times, it is what inspired my PCT, as you can see AI is present in the PCT aswell as the taper, i’m thinking of including proviron in my pct too. Thanks for the feedback

I suspected that.

Letro can be harsh: the dose-response is sometimes unpredictable and E2 can get too low. I would not consider it mg per mg interchangeable with anastrozole.

As for gyno, you have the option of low dose nolvadex instead of hCG and that would provide an added layer of protection.

proviron during PCT es no bueno. It’s suppressive

Answers are appreciated guys.
@KSman As for the letro i’m very careful with the dosage and i know what one tiny pill can do, i’m taking as little as 1/8 of a pill. i don’t get the HCG/nolva comment as i think they’re two different things? HCG is to keep the testicles running. I already have a mild gyno in my left nipple that flared about a week ago even without using any AAS.
@Yogi well received, maybe just the first week of PCT for the mental well being? or is it a NO-NO? Thanks!

You can use hCG or a SERM to keep the testes in the game. But if you use a SERM, it provides also some added protection to avoid more gyno problems.

Wouldn’t a SERM stacked with the AI on cycle hinder gains? Yes I’m trying to play it safe but isn’t this overkill? Thanks for clarifying things to me.

no, the idea that SERMs or AIs somehow reduce gains is bullshit perpetuated by bro’s in gyms who wear their caps backwards and call each other “brah” without irony

So adding 20mg nolvadex EOD during the cycle would play rather a superior role than injecting HCG at 250iu x2 week, right? Another thing Yogi is that i think i mixed hindering gains and having that bloat/strength advantage :x, by the way, i have everything in hand now, from test to PCT to supplementation, and most likely will be starting tomorrow, wish me luck!

SERMs increase E2, T increases E2
Anastrozole is used to modulate T–>E2 [outside of the testes]

I do recommend SERM’s and AI’s all of the time. Doses have to be right.

I aways state that one does not need multiple SERM’s and SERM’s should not be combined with hCG.

100% agree with what you say, thanks for your feedback