Final Revised First Cycle

After revising my first cycle a few times after getting such a diverse response of what I should use besides test , I have decided to go with the equipose for 10 weeks with test enth. and not the dbol for the kickstart with test because of the more pronounced side-effects (especially on the hair and liver) and less quality muscle in the end . I feel the outcome of the equipose and test would fit my goals (since I need to gain about 40-50 pounds of muscle/weight that can stick with me the best with only having enough time to do a max of 3 bulking cycles) . I can only do 10 weeks of equipose due to supply conflicts unfortunately, but it should stay in my system for an extra few weeks so that should help right? .

Everyone has been very helpful and I appreciate it greatly…I now just need one finally look-over to make sure everything is okay for my first cycle and I have one question about hcg at the bottom.


The cycle:

weeks 1-12.5 arimidex at either .25 or .5 mg?

weeks1-10 500 mg of test. Enanthate, 250mg shot on mon and another 250mg shot on thursday each week doing this

weeks 1-10 equipose 400mg(200mg shot on tuesday and 200mg shot on friday)

HCG: during the end of my 9th week I begin HCG the day after my last 200mg shot of eq on the 9th week(so saturday for 1000iu once a week and continue with the arimidex at either .25 or .5mg

week 10 - HCG 1000 iu on saturday (one shot) continue with eq and test enth. along with .25/.5mg of armidex

weeks11 HCG shot of 1000 iu on saturday , then wait 3 days from my last HCG injection(continue on the arimidex for .25/or.5mg for those 3 days) then begin PCT of nolvadex at 40mg every day
week 12 40 mg nolvadex everyday
week 13 40mg of nolvadex everyday
week 14 20 mg of nolvadex everyday
week 15 20 mg of nolvadex everyday

For hcg should I do 2000 iu split up into 2 injections for the first hcg week , and the other two weeks at 1500 or keep to my original dose of hcg?

IMO 12 weeks+ would be better but I understand you situation does not allow it; so be it.

I don’t believe you’ll need the hcg at all.

Nor do I believe you’ll need .5mg of adex ED. In fact, running .25mg ED would guarantee you no estrogen sides but might also limit your maximum gains. I never advise people to mandatorily use adex. Some never need it at your doses. Instead run nothing [or proviron] and if estrogen begins to bothr you start with nolvadex, if it gets worse then you’ll know you need the adex and can plan from there. I’ve always preferred a little bloat myself. Although I’ve never pre-occupied myself with concerns of being lean.

I do like you doses though and the shots twice a week is fine too. Some would argue for more infrequent shots but if you don’t find the shots its cool too.

I agree, Arimidex is better thought of as a means of last resort rather than the first approach to grab. Better to use Nolva throughout.

500 mg/week T plus 400 mg/week Equipoise should be dealt with fine by the Nolvadex.

Pretty decent stack too, you should get good results.

Can someone tell me what’s the reason for Arimidex as a final resort and why Nolvadex would b better in this situation. Thanks


Estrogen is necessary to a degree especially for strength and mass. Using Adex or Letro will prevent the aromatization of Test to estrogen and can even drive endogenous levels down too. With in adequate estrogen gains in mass and strength can be compromised to an extent.

Nolvadex competes for estrogen reception but does nothing to prevent Test conversion to estrogen. So, there will be more estrogen present in the body, more water retention, etc.

As aforementioned I do have arimidex in my possession but I never intend to use it at the outset of a test based cycle. Personally, my body, does not seem to have much problem with gyno or other potential extra estrogen sides. In fact, its rare for me to even need to use Nolva on cycle. If my chest starts feeling soft or itchy I’d take 10-20mg’s of Nolva and in 3-4 days it goes away and then I stop taking the nolva.

It should be noted that on all of my Test based cycles I did run proviron alongside. Now proviron is not per se an aromatase inhibitor although it does increase androgen recpetion and decrease estrogen reception. So it gives the effect of enhancing the test and minimizing without eliminating too much estrogen

Thanks for the info. There was something else that I was also a little confused about. I’ve read that when you’re taking a steroid with high androgenic and anabolic properties, if you stack it with a differnt type of steroid with high androgenic effect but low anabolic effect, the overall combined effect of both is high anabolic and low androgenic? Wouldn’t the net effect be higher than using each one individually?