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Final Results using Mag10 and SuperSlow program

I saw a while ago that someone had been thinking about training with a superslow instructor but changed their minds after a few guys here said that it doesn’t work. Well, I beg to differ. I have just finished a 4 week program using Mag-10 and good nutrition combined with training with a certified superslow instructor 2-3 times per week. the longest workout was 25 minutes. Total. I have gained 15 pounds and 1% of extra bodyfat. (total of 13%) I have been training this way for over 3 years so it can’t be because it was new. No, it works. I think the instructor has to be competant in the field. Happy Training!

Great job and I am glad that superslow worked well for you. However, considering that you used Mag10 and a solid nutrition program, you probably would have gotten the same results if not better results using something else.

How can you say it was the training program and not the MAG-10?


In an experiment you would want to keep things the same and change one thing(independant variable). Sounds to me thats exaxctly what you did. How can you give credit for the training when you did it for the last three years and then all of a sudden when the mag 10 was introduced you gained 15 lbs. I gained 13 off of Androsol using low reps. Should i give credit to the low rep training for the muscle gain?

That’s exactly what I mean. Yes I attribute my rapid growth to Mag-10 but it just showed me that what people were saying about the protocol just doesn’t add up. Yes, I would have gotten good results with another program but unlike others were saying, I received excellent growth on this program. I should also tell you that though I have been training in this manner for some time it is not as though I had no results before Mag-10. I have built upwards of 20 pounds of lean mass over the course of my training before this experiment. That’s why I am so impressed with this product. After training for so long to just gain 3-5 pounds is incredible. Anyway, I just thought that people should know that SuperSlow training is not useless. And we already know that mag-10 isn’t.

In the first couple of years you will see the most gains w/ any type of training.

Hey! I am the one who posted about thinking of training using Super Slow, but I decided against it for two reasons. The first was a financial reason. The instructor was expensive, and I didn’t want to spend the money. Second the theory may be sound or if may not be, but I know that I wanted to train on my own with my own diet and stick with what I know. I am happy that you had such good results, but for me Super Slow is not what I want to do.