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Final Progressive Set: Do More Reps or Extra Set with More Weight?

What would your advice be regarding the last progessive set. If I can push past the last set with the required reps compared to week before, should I keep pushing on regardless of reps (8-12) or do another set with more weight?
Cheers as always.

say dB bench goes 50x8, 70x8, 90x11* fail.

next week id go 55x8, 75x8, 95x AMRAP. once you get 95lbs back to 11-12 reps add weight.

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Cheers for the response my man.

Why would you do another set?

If you’re progressing then that means progressive overload is happening. That means progress.

Whether you choose to stop chasing a goal at 10 or 12 reps isn’t THAT important. You’re overthinking the nuances. There’s nothing magical about hitting the 12 reps, or 11, or 13. You’re progressing. So up the weight back to something after you hit whatever goal you have with that weight and keep repeating.


Thanks for clearing shit up Paul. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. You make it sound so simple, (because it is). Cheers again.