Final Prepping Week for Photoshoot


Hoping you can give me some tips for the final week leading up to a photo shoot where I obviously want to look my best,

I’ve been following a low volume, high intensity training similar to BDW. I’ve also gradually reduced carbs to where it’s been 150 on workout days (only around workout) and 60 carbs on non workout. Faster walking has been working great as well.

So in the final week leading up, what should Indo regarding training, foods and water?

Thanks ct

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Dude, it is literally impossible to answer that question without knowing exactly how you look like and what your nutrition/water/sodium intake has been over the last 4-6 weeks. Even general guidelines could actually make things worse.Under the best circumstances, when a coach works with an athlete for the whole prep and knows how his body reacts not only to a certain quantity of nutrients but also to various types of foods, the success rate for peaking properly is about 75%. When making recommendations in the dark it could make you better, the same or worse with equal probabilities.

I’ve pretty never used the exact same prep approach with any competitive clients. Heck, I’ve rarely used the same peaking procedure twice with the same guy.

In fact the peak week is not planned in advance as I adjust everything on a daily basis (sometimes several times a day on the final 2-3 days)

Hey man, I actually just did a photo shoot prep a few weeks ago and there’s a great discussion/dialogue in this thread I started. Hopefully you can gain some insight !