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Final Pics of Cutting Diet. Opinions?


Here are the final pics, taken last week, Im back on a clean bulking diet now, I was reasonably happy with the result's but next year I want to come in a stone heavier with the same level of conditioning.


Another pic


looks tight, 6-8%? good calf dvlpmnt too, got a pic of the wheels?


Id say 9% b/f


Great job man. You look excellent.


LOL Nice modesty. You're less than 9%.


Shredded man!




Really? What bodyfat % do you think I am?


Excellent work. Wheels look very good. I agree with your wanting to come in a bit bigger next time. A few extra lbs on your torso would make a hell of a difference! Great stuff!



Great work! You look great. Any info on your diet?


Nice work. Too bad you don't have calves as great as mine!!



Basically I cut out all banans, past a and bread, no cheat meals and cardio 5 times a week for 30 mins.


i dont know much about nutrition. In your opinion whats wrong with bananas when trying to lose fat?


They are one of the more calorically dense fruits, when compared to things like melons (lol mellons), blueberrys, blackberrys, ect, ect.


nice cutting mate!

what are the next goals?


diamonds for calves


Good question.....Im now clean bulking again, and my goal is to come in a stone heavier but the same condition as on the pics.....actually, those pics were taken just over 3 weeks ago and since Ive gone back on the bulking diet and added some more carbs Ive only put back on 4-5lbs or so....I thought it ould of been a lot more than that!!


Nice work dude! wheels look great and calves are popping.


Im now clean bulking, cut out cardio but have stayed in good shape still.....Im staying natural for a few months, want to get 10-14lbs heavier by this time next year, not sure if I can do it with gear, howevr I will evaluate things in Dec and see how Im getting on.