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Final Fantatsy 13 and 14


FF13 and 14 comin out in 2010, 14 being online...

Well there goes all my hardwork and dieting..

Damn you final fantasty series... DAMN YOU!


Pretty much.


14 looks like 11 for the new generation. I've put in my time already with 11. Ah, to be young again..


I dunno, im a Old school FF fan. Greatest FFs would have to be FF3(6) and Ff7. Also FF10 was a fantastic comeback from the feces of 8, made me not even want to play 9. Im eager to see 13, but man, they REALLY need to bring it back strong. The thing that sucks is that ff3 was such a fantastic game, it makes it just so damn difficult to match it later on.

I for one would think it particularly awesome if they remade FF3(6) into like a PS3 version: And by that i mean that the storyline would be exactly the same, but the graphics would be today's gaming graphics. Now THAT would sell like hotcakes my friends.


My life ends when Diablo III comes out



In high school I was addicted to FF7. Finding all the materia, summons, and the chocobos was all me and my friends talked about.


I started replaying FFVII when I saw the announcement for 13 and 14. Not even at the end of disc 1 and I've already gotten both of Tifa's and Clouds' limit lvl 3s, and gotten Red XIII's Level 4 Limit.

I forgot what an investment of time that game is, lol.


FF7 was the bomb. I could play it still today and my wife would divorce me...:slightly_smiling:

Cloud is Lord.


FF3/FF6 were great in the fact that you didn't have to choose which characters would be in your party. Rather, you used all of them. I always hated choosing which people to put in my party like in FF7. Only thing that was annoying in FF3 was the fact that there were so many different classes to choose from.

The DS remake of FF3 was really fun. The graphics were better but the storyline, i believe, was the same with a few updates.


WTF... I played this game for like 100 hours back in high school and never got anybody's limit to level 4 before the last disk. I don't even think I ever got any of the girls limits past level 2. I was too busy trying to level up materia and never used the limit breaks, except for cloud's


Agreed, definitely a fan of old school moreso.

With that said, did you ever play 9? They totally redeemed themselves with 9, IMO. Great game, as was 10 (or X) then they fucked up again with X-2. Obviously the original NES, 2(IV) 3(VI) and VII were all bomb-ass-diggity.


I feel you.. (no homo). Will try n°14 if they indeed make it less time demanding!


I hope it's better than 12, I have no interest at all in finishing that game. I'm also sick of main characters that like like Thai Ladyboys


I did not play 9, Like i said man, i played 8 and i nearly coughed up a lung. i mean wtf, the Main character was some Pooty tang lil, Wah wah im emo BEE-otch, with a WTF gunblade??? YEA YOU CRIT AND IT...Fires? What in the blue hell? And the other male characters? A lil, Buck 20 putz with a fat tat on his face throwing "punches," and some Vag who stands in the back, with his lil cowboy getup and fires his oh so powerful gun. I mean, a gun shouldnt be in a FF, bottom line, Atleast in 7, Vincent was the shit. It topped at 3/6 tho. Honestly, char development, char badass...ity, and storyline, ALL things that could NOT be commented negatively on. Sabin, Cyan? I wanted to have their children they were so damn badass. Hell, id probably BE sabin for halloween if anyone would catch the fooking reference lol.


Oh and i was a FIRM believer for 7 that if you did NOT get knights of the round(IE the gold chocobo), and had defeated ALL the weapons (emerald, Ruby, Diamond, etc[Good god, how do i still remember that...]) you did NOT beat that game. Thats How FF works, you do it all, or you fail lol.


Dude I wanna go play this game right now!



Well when you have time, give 9 a go - it has a lot of throwbacks to the old school FF games. I know I enjoyed the hell out of it.


Oh I totally agree guys. But seriously, look at FF13. It looks INSANE! But the story line is the issue in the most recent games. Honestly... these games take up so much damned time, you better all get a girlfriend who can tolerate that kinda sh*t quick. Haha.

I remember once playing FF7 in my basement in HS, playing around 5pm.. I looked out the window and it was still light out, I was like oh it's still not dark out? Wtf... turns out it was 7am the next morning and the sun was rising... Wtf, school in an hour..


I agree, 9 was a decent make up for 8. 8 was ridiculous. But 11 was crazy, for like a few months... then it became only leveling.. And I lost my mojo for that game. Hopefully FF14 is smart about it and has most story line and missions involved with leveling.


I loved FF7 and FF8, I didn't really care for 9 or 10 though. I just couldn't get into the story line, didn't like the main characters. I'll stand behind FF7 being one of the greatest games of all times, I think FF8 is still in the top 10. You just can't beat the card game.