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Final Exams...


i have two tomorrow, for history and math and i havent studied at all for them today.

i dont know, i just cant get motivated. i also thought my history final was Monday so i guess im prepared to take it already.

also, last semester my math class wasnt college level so if i didnt pass the final i wouldn't pass the class (exit exam). this semester my math class is college level so if i dont pass the final i still get credit, even if i get a D. i currently have a 77.7 average in that class. i already think i have a D in my History class, it was really hard, im just glad/nervous its almost over because i feel like at this point what else can i really do? im not going to suddenly make up for the entire course in one single night, i guess some people can do that but ive never been one of them.

my photography class didnt have a final, that class was a fucking joke, probaly have a B or A in it. lowest grade i got on anything in that class was a B- but i mostly got A's.

my Human Growth and Development class was also a joke. i messed up on 1 test and got like a 75 or something but she drops the lowest test grade, everything else was a 95 or better. all my papers were B's or better. The final was 100 multiple choice questions, took my 10 minutes to do, i may have gotten 2 wrong. but its ok because she does a fucking "jeopardy" review before all the tests where she reads off the questions in numerical order and people are able to answer to obtain points with the cut-off being 10 - so if you dont study you get all the answers, if you showed up to the class before, you can easily get 10 point just from remembering the stuff we talked about. so needless to say, i didnt study at all for that class and im willing to bet i have a B+ or an A- in it.

the longer ive been in school the less effort ive put into my classes, my grades have hardly gone down. i might get a B in a class where i study 30 mins a week for that i would have gotten an A- in had i spent hours studying for it weekly.

i had a film class last semester where i didnt read shit out of the book (which i paid 7 cents for on Amazon) and still got a B or something.

i spent 15 minutes a week studying for my Spanish class, easy B.

i got a B in my Lit class from the same semester where the homework was to write a "journal" on whatever we were assigned to read. so i copied whatever other people did 10 mins before class, everyone got a "check" no matter what you wrote. i got a B in that class too.

interestingly though, the subjects i have to spend the most time studying for are the ones i do the worst in. i studied my ass off in Biology and got a D. i studied my ass of in algebra and had to retake the final, which i only got a 62 on although the professor accepted it anyway. next semester i am fucked. i have to take another Science Lab and another College Level Math ...saved the best for last.

this post doesnt really have to do with anything, not expecting much out replies either, just a way to kill time and further procrastinate on shit i dont feel like doing. l8z




how does anyone get D's or C's in college, im an accounting major dont go to any of my classes and do well, all you have to do is just read the damn books. no excuse to get bad grades in any class. and yes take adderall and all your problems are solved.


some people take adderall before their cardio workouts too....


you sir, need to apply yourself more.

2 semesters ago in human anatomy i "studied my ass off". and by the time i saw my final grade i realized there was so much more i could have done.

I walked out of that class with an 88%. B. I was content. Every friday they had -open labs- where a student could come in and spend time studying and asking questions. Every friday i was in those open labs for 5-6-7-8 hours studying my ass off. I still studied at home. getting around 12 hours of study time for 1 class a week. And i should have done more.

Study groups are the single greatest study tool i have learned to use in my 6 years of college life. You should do the same.

and now i have 5 finals and a project due in the next 9 days. bye.


Just out of curiosity, what the hell are you even going to school for? What are you studying that it's OK to get D's?


my biology class was run by a fucking cunt. you mention the professors name anywhere in the school and someone you instantly hear out of the woodwork, "i hate that bitch". she called us retards, took points off our final grade for asking questions, etc, etc. i studied my ass off for 2 weeks straight for that class for the final - studying everything she said to study for. turned out none of that stuff was on the final so i had just as good a chance on the last day of school passing the final as i did on the first.

last time i took aderrall i was up for 3 days straight. it was awful.

im kind of just frustrated with those 2 classes i have tomorrow. like i said, my history class was hard as hell. i did shit in the class.


English major?


Liberal Arts.

its not OK to get D's. i dont like getting low grades, i dont think its ever OK to get a D i have one D on my transcript and one F but in my defense the F was from my first semester at school and it was a couple years after i dropped out of 9th grade. i wasnt aware of the withdrawal policies or IPs either. the reason i made the reference to exit exams is that theres A LOT more pressure to do well for a class you MUST pass the final in versus one where there isnt.

i always try as much as i have to in order to get a good grade. i just had a lot of easy classes that i didnt have to try in order to do well. and it was almost like since i was new to a school setting i didnt know what to expect, so i tried really hard and studied a lot for most of my classes (exception being math, unfortunately) and i did well. then i got the hang of it, studied less, grades stayed about the same, maybe a 5-10 point difference.

i still do all my homework on time, go to all my classes - i have perfect attendance and i always participate in class, but idk sometimes i just dont care about it.


More importantly, how hard do you have to try to get a D?

It would take some seriously thought out, "Well, I could do that, but I'm not going to," decisions to make that happen.

I'm done with school for the year. This week is the first of summer.


Why are in school if your not motivated? There is no way you will get through college unless you are motivated to plow through it, so get your act together Live.

Besides looking at your face picture in your profile it looks like your gonna need money and muscles when your rocking that ugly thing on your head. Its Funny cause its true

I mean really...


God im an asshole. So much fun though


I know finals suck hard man, I just went through four with my last one later today...and I get the same feeling of just not wanting to study anymore, hell, I haven't been to the gym in almost a week because of them...but you just gotta realize you're almost at the end of the year and after this you're done for months. That's what I keep telling myself at least.


I can fail both my accounting and statistics finals and still get B's in the classes mahaha..


Good luck man!

I was going through finals when I made the "school sucks" thread.


sounds like you just need to study.

theres people who study harder to test into middle schools, than you do for college.

unless you got a plum family job awaiting you graduation, being a bum in college is not a good way to go


if youre an accounting major, hope you got scouted by a big four early lol


I was going to give you some really good advice that I've been giving lately, because you are my younger brother's age, but fuck it. You don't seem to have a high opinion of yourself (bullshit cockiness internet schtick aside) No, it's not personal. I am being serious; I just don't want to waste good advice on people like you.

Good luck.


So you're in liberal arts and you wonder why it's easy as fuck and you don't have to try?


Guys, it will be okay. There is always trade school. I don't see what the big deal is.


Who gives a flying fuck about grades? I can tell 100% about a person's character if they tell me about their college GPA. I'm getting my CSCS - and if I don't feel like putting an effort forward in my "Life in Russia" class today, I won't. Oh noes, maybe I'll get a C. I bet I'll never recover from that!

There are so many goddamn tightwads and big internet personalities on this site. Just want to be cantankerous for the fun of it. Like Optheta. I don't even know why he has an opinion, isn't he like 15?

Hey Live, keep doing what you're doing. Anyone who's actually BEEN in college would know that the two biggest difference-makers are the professors and the content. I had trouble with an anatomy class last semester, because it was only on Saturdays from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm every week. You can study your balls off as much as you want, but in reality, if your teacher is a jackass, you're not going to get a damn thing out of it. By the end of the class, there were only around 6 or 7 left when there were originally 32. I'll betcha all the middle-aged women that were taking the class to get a nursing degrees are lazy and unmotivated, too.

But then again, I wouldn't ever bring up school on T-Nation because I know all it'd be is people who are out of college telling me how much more awesome they'd be doing than me.