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Final Edit of Cycle Starting This Month

Here is the cycle I want to start within a month.

Week 1-5 Dbol 60mg/day or 40mg still not sure.
Week 1-12 Test E 400mg/week
Week 1-10 Tren E 200mg/week
Week 1-14 HCG 500 iu’s/week
Week 1-14 Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
Week 16-19 Nolva 50/50/50/50
Week 16-19 Clomid 40/40/20/20

Test and Tren will be pinned every Monday and Thursday. HCG will be pinned 2 times a week at 250 iu’s each shot. My main goal here is to gain size and lose some body fat %. I’m taking the HCG because I want the boys down there to operate normally during and after the cycle. I’m adding arimidex because my last cycle gave me some pimples under my nipples that still hurt when touched. I’ve been off for a year now and this will be my first time back on. Just have a few questions for you guys! Thanks!!!

1- I want my HPTA to get back as close to normal as possible after this cycle. What can I do to assure that happens?

2- I want to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Is this cycle ok for that?

3- I’ve heard of Tren causing anxiety and that’s the last thing I need. Am I better off sticking to a Test and Dbol cycle.

4- How does my PCT look?

5- What’s the most effective way to take my Dbol. I have 20mg tablets.

2016-1st cycle ever consisted of Dbol 50mg per day and sustanon 500mg per week.

2017- 2nd cycle consisted of Dbol 50mg per day, sustanon 750mg/week and EQ 750mg/week. Didn’t recover so well after pct on this one. Still feel as if My boys haven’t came back to there full size and have small hard pimples under nipples. A blood test done last month revealed hat my prolactin level was sitting at the top of the range bracket and my cortisol levels were considered high.

Here are my current stats!

Age 27
Weight 210lbs
Height 6”1
Body fat estaimate 18-20%

dbol raise prolactine levels. you must use 0.5 once a week cabergoline to keep prolactibe low. Ai like arimidex must be used when SERMS fail due to its cholesterol/bone/vision problems that can occur to you. after 5 weeks into cycle you must do bloodwork to identify e2 sensitive level and free testo and see if you gonna need any serm or ai. don’t risk it. make it right if you value your health.
if you are gyno prone avoid long esters. its a fact … because with fast esters you can control it more! you can adjust quicker your dosage in case of a problem. I don’t see the reason to say stop to yourself and then inject hcg to start ( this is only for cosmetic reasons—> and is dangerous) ! gyno problems percentage raised even if u use ai.

  1. Dbol does not raise prolactin
  2. Shorter ester testosterone does not make e2 management easier; anastrozole has a three day half life, which means if you take it the day you inject test e it will work at roughly the same pace that the ester is broken down, thus managing e2
  3. HCG is not for cosmetic reasons; you have no idea what you’re talking about if you actually believe that
  4. You don’t seem to know the difference between an AI and a SERM
  5. You’re advising a guy to not run an AI the first five weeks while he’s on test and dbol, which is arguably the time he will most need said AI
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Brother, you confused the flying fuck out of me.

Thanks man. I’ve been looking into this cycle for about 6 months now. I want to make sure I get it done properly. Hoping someone can chime in.

If you already have high prolactin (before you even start the cycle) then you probably wanto get that under control before/if you throw Tren into the mix cause it definatley rasies prolactin. You need to get some cabergoline in there.

How did you arrive at the dosages you’ve laid out?
From my perspective this is what I see:
Your first cycle was based on 500mg of test/week
Your second cycle was base don 750mg of test/week
notice a pattern?
So your third cycle is based on only 400mg/wk…
Don’t get me wrong, you can and should make headway on 400mg…just curious as to why you’re not sticking with a dose that you’re familar with in your body. Are you trying to reduce potential AI needs?

My immediate advice would be to stick with dosages from your first cycle (if you were happy with those results) and consider adding the Tren if and only if you get caber on hand before starting.

Thanks man. I was planning on taking vitamin B6 at 600mg/day to help lower prolactin levels

I’m not sure that B6 is going to be enough to control prolactin if you throw Tren into the mix. Have you (or anyone else) had any luck using it? And by luck I mean results proven by BW.

Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t addressing you, I was talking to the other guy who has no idea what he’s saying. Sorry for any confusion that might have caused.

So I’m wrapping up a dbol run (today is the last day, actually) and I have no idea what to tell you about dosing schedule. The science says do it twice a day. I was on a lower dose (20/30/30/20) so I took mine pw instead of splitting it up. Next time I’ll break it up into two a day instead. I wanted to experiment and see what I’d get from a lower dose run. But most guys say split dosages and I would tend to agree.

you said you didn’t fully recover from your last cycle. so that means you could end up in worse shape after this cycle. You’re also running a bad pct, you should pick nolva or clomid, not both. just nolva would be more effective, and at half the dose. MORE IS NOT BETTER. drop it to just nolva, at 25mg/day

sure. most cycles are. tren is effective for this. buuuuut the answer to the next question is related…

yes. it does. and it can be bad. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have anxiety issues, or really any sort of emotional issues.

orally. lol.

honestly, I don’t think it really matters. I take mine in the am. if i forget, i’ll take it later. in the long run, i doubt it’ll make a difference.

this is the part that concerns me the most. This tells me you don’t have a lot of muscle, and you’re carrying more fat than you need to. Not good after 2 cycles. I would put more effort into diet, you clearly aren’t eating right with these stats. and your workouts might suck too.


No. I was just doing some research on it and heard several success stories. Let’s say I take the Tren out and go back to my first cycle that consisted of only 500mg sustanon and Dbol, I currently have test E. do you think a cycle of Test E and Dbol at 500mg/week and 60mg/ day respectively will help me obtain my goal of adding size and reducing fat. The fat loss will come mainly from my dieting.

Thanks man. I was actually doing one in the morning and one prior to working out. I’ll try that again.

Appreciate the help brother. Yeah, my dieting was completely disgusting. I’m finally committed to eating clean. I’m currently doing Layne Norton’s PHAT workout that consists of both strength and hypertrophy lifting. My 2 off days consist of 30 minute cardio and abs. I was stuck between deciding on that or split workouts.

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good to hear. if you’re not eating appropriately for your goals, there’s zero point in taking steroids.


Yes it will but it won’t be easy. There’s a reason why many people go through bulking phases and cutting phases…quite simply it’s easier because their diets can be looser. Clean bulks are harder to do because you have to walk that fine line between doing that diet/cardio (that makes hypertrophy so difficult) and feeding yourself enough so that you can still make gains. It’s really an approach for seasoned guys who know how to train and diet.


yes brother that’s right, I meant TREN raise prolactine. I don’t agree with you on AI. I insist! its very effective but when e2 goes very high cant do nothing! do your homework bro, educate yourself. Very harsh and dangerous side effects if hits you! This guy says he is very sensitive, already have gyno issues! Once a week after the first week due to tren he gonna need caber! period. this can be accomplished through blood work to identify if you really need and how much dosage to adjust your levels.the same goes along with testo dosage. you can adjust either your test or your ai or serm. bloodwork.period I don’t care what other people say. you are a different person. if you hit from the start the e2 hard you hinder your gains! so whats the point?
educate your self bro

Just reading over this again. Had to say thank you twice! I couldn’t come to a conclusion on my pct. I’ve done so much reading on Chlomid vs Nolva vs a combo of both and it’s just confused the hell out of me. I’m deciding to to run a cycle that consists of only Test E at 500-600mg/week and Dbol at 40-60mg/week. That’s my final decision with my cycle. I need to figure out a proper and safe pct to get me back to normal though. Do you think running hcg at 500iu per week while on cycle is ok? My cycles going to look a little something like this.

Week 1-6 Dbol 40-60mg,Everyday
Week 1-12 Test E 600mg/week, Monday and Thursday
Week 1-14 HCG 500 iu’s/week, Monday and Thursday
Week 1-14 Arimidex 0.5mg EOD

My PCT will be week 15-18? How does that look bro?