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Final Cut Photos 5'11 190lbs



Right on! You look really good.

Could probably work on lat width (and also flaring lats). Your waist is a little on the wider end naturally, so wider lats would go far in giving you a nice V-shape.


Thanks for the input! My waist in these pics was about 32". Believe it or not I have worked hard at improving my lat width and I will definitely continue to do so. What would you suggest to work on lat width?


Well, it doesn’t look like you’re flaring your lats effectively in these pics (I’m assuming you’re trying to), which would seem to indicate a lack of MMC with your lats. Vertical pulling movements are good for width, but they’re only good if it’s actually your lats that are doing the majority of the work. I’d focus on doing stricter movements with lighter weight, cuing pulling your elbows into your sides while lifting, and trying to feel your lats contracting while you train them.

I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to be an intuitive thing for most people. It took me over a year to learn how to use my lats properly while doing pull-ups, and not so coincidentally, I developed the MMC to be able to flare them very shortly afterward.