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Final Bike Wheel Thread


Any computer supergeeks know if it's possible to write a program to continually reboot your computer, log onto the web, and perform a specific action?

The reason for my question - our arch nemisis seems to be responding to every push in our voting with an equal vote of his own. In other words, over the last few days there have been about 1000 votes registered and he remains the same % of the votes ahead.

He cant have an entire web community (like t-nation) behind him so Im wondering how he's cheating (unless he sits at home ALL DAY every day to vote manually).

Anyway, that's my question.

Tmen and vixens, if we're planning a rally, it's got to be soon...Hes up by about 300 + votes and the contest ends sun nite (tomorrow).


Well, if the website is tracking votes by the IP address, he could just be using a dialup connection like AOL and voting over, and over, and over again. Your computer probably has a modem, ask someone to loan you an AOL account for the day and try to just re-log and vote continuously. Also, unplugging and replugging your cable modem will change your IP address, even though cable is a static IP, it does change after you turn it on and off. That ought to work, I'll give it a try myself.


I know my buddy could whip something up to do that in no time. However he is unavailible for 2 weeks. So your SOL. Sorry John. :wink:


Yes, it is possible... and most likely exactly what is being used.

Unfortuanately, I do not have a high enough level of geekness to write it for you.


He is up quite a bit. I have dialup so I voted, clicked disconnect on the taskbar at the bottom of my screen, clicked the reconnect button, and hit the back button on my browser. After reconnecting I voted again.

Did this at least 10 times. If everyone can do this at least 10 times then we might just "Beat The Geek."

Don't forget the link:

I don't know how voting through a proxy would work.


Just discovered that if you open a normal page, and this one:
you can vote twice. Backtrack both pages, disconnect, reconnect (without closing the pages) and you should be able to do it again. I recommend voting through the "anonymized" page first.

Double your voting power per reconnect.


For those on DSL or Cable modem with NT or 2000 machine You can do the following at a DOS or Command prompt.

IPCONFIG *will tell you what your IP address is.
IPCONFIG /realease *Will give up your current IP address, Wait a few a minutes for that IP address to be handed out to someone else.
IPCONFIG /renew*will get you a new IP address

IPCONFIG *Check and make sure you got a new IP address


I tried disconnecting my cable modem and rebooting my computer but I can only vote once. This lead guy has even more votes now.


phatman, I dont how the internet providers work where you live at but over here ip addresses are leased for about a period of three days so unless your willing to leave your connection off you will have the same ip address. People would be better off going to their local i-cafe/kinkos/library and using the connection there.

Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Sunday, August 17, 2003 1:36:29 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, August 20, 2003 1:36:29 PM


Just voted (again?) and have had trouble using the anonymizer route. Worked 3 times though. This kid is right now actively voting for himself.

I got Eric Noreen up to 26% earlier, and later I pushed him passed 25.5%. Now he is up to 27.5%. I was busy today, but tried to get some friends to vote and get their friends to vote.

Let's try for one last push to get this guy up. We need like 660 votes. If you can vote 10 times then we just need 66 people. Contact your friends, and online buddies to vote also, even if it is just one vote.

Make John happy and vote.


It's really quite simple. There's thousdands of proxy's readily available to bounce from. Do a google search and you should be able to find many lists. Anyone with any basic scripting knowledge could create a simple yet effective script that could rake proxy lists and bounce-vote from each one.


Tried my best. Pushed Eric Noreen past 28% and then past 28.5%.

I am fairly certain the kid who won is voting with a program, otherwise I doubt he could have taken on T-mag. I even tried to get some friends to vote.

Oh well.


Actually DHCP works pretty much the same anywhere. Your right about your lease time, which is why a reboot won't work, and why you have to do a release and a renew. You see when you release you actually tell the DHCP server that you are giving up your IP address or manually expiring your lease. Check me and you'll see that I am right. Do a IPCONFIG -all and check your lease date/time. Then do a release then a renew and compare the lease dates. You'll see that they changed because you actually negotiated a new lease.
The problem is that Cable modem CPE equipment itself actually caches MAC/IP address so unlimited refreshes will most like result in same IP. You really have to turn off the unit (cable modem) completely and wait awhile in order to get new IP. The DHCP protocol itself actually works against you in that it remembers what address it used to have and when you do a renew, it will ask for that address. So your still down to waiting and hoping that another machine came up and requested an address and was issued your old one in order for you to get a new one. All that being said it doesn't help John's friend get that Bike. Best bet would be to proxy votes as was stated earlier.


I checked the site and the voting page is still up. I don't know what is going on, and if they already have the winner based on the results at midnight, but Eric is up 1% to 29.48%. I don't know if it will help, but I will continue voting. Others have obviously kept voting. Just in case something happened where they either forgot to check it, or were unable to, then there might be a chance. If not then it couldn't hurt.


I decided to check the front page, (foolish of me not to before,) and they had the wiener, uh I mean winner posted. But we can still vote, even though I have only been able to get a couple votes through.

I almost believe we should keep voting as a little protest.

It just annoys me that all of the winners votes came from one or two people, and his little trick was more then the T-mag crew could overcome.


I was surprised that dial up id's actually repeat after about 30 votes. That's 30 votes an hour! (I don't have life!)